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51FordDuff 01-21-2006 04:56 PM

How To Mix Paint
OK, I have a 1951 ford custom deluxe car. This car has a light green color called sea island green. I am going to paint the car when the weather gets nicer do i have to strip the whole car down to the metal because i want to paint the car a flat black. Does anyone have any tips or tricks that could help me so that this process goes as easy as possible. What kind of paint would work the best for all of this any and all help would be great

milo 01-22-2006 03:12 AM

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I like Sem Trim Black for what your thinking
It doesn't need a primer and will last and last as well as easy to freshen up with another coating down the line ...
Don't strip the car, you'll hurt it more than help it. ...
(if you have to ask just don't)
Save the stripping for when your ready to restore all the way.

For now just wash with water Ajax and a scotchbite pad. Then mask er up and spray the Sem Trim Black in satin finish.

Start on a door down low instead of straight to the hood. This way you'll have some practice before mucking up where it counts ya know? ... ... Easy mist coats a little at a time .. if you rush you'll :sweat:

This paint is the best acting paint to ever come out of a rattle can in this reporters opinion.. You could do your project in the hot rod satin black look without all the spray guns and hoopla etc...though they do make it in regular quarts but the spray can works well since gloss is not the goal.
This is the exact same paint used on many older Porsche Targa bars as well as Porsche Fuchs wheels reproduceing the factory satin black apperance...

Or you could open a messy can of worms by clicking :welcome:

xserpentx 01-22-2006 04:22 PM

How to mix Paint
You dont have to take it down to metal. Heres steps i like to do One; scuff the car by wet sanding with 800 grit then switch to 1000 grit this will get the imperfections out of the paint. then use a wax and degreaser remover or tac rag so your new paint will stick. Hope this helps

milo 01-22-2006 05:05 PM

Wax and grease removers are gimmicks and cause more harm than good ..

go ahead, :evil: get me started

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