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The price for the prise

Hey Gabriel, have you ever read any of the Period culture rags, like OlSkoolRodz or CarKultureDelux to mention a couple of the traditional rags.
Take a visit to or

These are traditionalist groups that you are searching for. As far as your quest for a low buck rod, as stated in the post before this one, you can not trust many of those who build these low buck looking rides for actually following the rules in making something safe.

First off, they all need to ba able to pass the local safety inspections and in some states the emission regs, just to be licensed for the open road. Then you have to really inspect these buggies for craftsmanship, especially in the welds of the frames and all the do-dads that have been tossed into the soup.

And as stated before, you are better off building your own rod. Mainly so you actually learn the ins and outs of doing this build correct the first time. Yeah they all look really col and such, but, if it is just thrown together, it doesn't mean it is actually safe to drive as an everyday ride or even over the road and be able to handle all the ventures of a trip across the country.

Most of these builds are just simply impractical and a real waste of good money. Sure they look like they would be fun, but you can only have so much fun before it becomes a hassle to get in and out of and being stuck in a real tough torrential down pour of freezing cold rain and sleet. I myself prefer a hot rod/ rat rod with a roof over my head, mostly for my wife and or girlfriend and kids. This way everyone can enjoy the ride.

And here is the worst of the whole mess in this style of rod, since this fad is blowing the ceiling off everywhere, the price of these old parts are out of site. I noticed you did not relinquish your location, it actually makes it hard for anyone close to you, to be able to offer you some sort of assistance in your quest. Include your location on all of your forums. Now comes the big question, how much money do you have to start this build or even the actual ability to buy something if it is available?

If you have a wad, like $10K sitting around, you can buy your self a pretty good start. I live out west in the mountains and have access to many heaps, but they all cost money, and depending on your location, the price of shipping will bite you as well. There are places all over the east with yards still full of good pickings, just need to hang with the correct groupings of people. There are a few on this forum who actually belong to other forums that will offer you assistance in your quest. There are many here with a great deal of knowledge in the automotive world. This is by far the best school you will ever find, the OSR forum is right next to this forum with the two of the best pools for knowledge at your service.

It will be up to you on how you want to tackle this quest and the skooling you will need to endure and be like a sponge......we all will help you in understanding the building of a safe ride.....and should not matter what style you want to build, as long as it is road worthy safe to drive.
Remember one thing about driving in todays world, your insurance company will be the deciding factor of your build. As long as it meets all standards and it looks safe, then you can get insurance for it and be safe.

Lord Maximo
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