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Cboy, you make a very good point. One that I totally agree with. While a lot of us may not care about people who do not get into what we like, they are also the same people who can kill this hobby or at least make it so hard to enjoy that it would become too expensive to enjoy. Just imagine if our projects had to comply with the bumper laws for newer cars. How much would it cost to make a hot rod that could take a 35 MPH front, rear or side hit. And what if we HAD to have ABS or airbags? These are just a few of the ways that our hobby could be dealt a severe blow.

That's why we have to be safe NOW before we get legislated into museums. In the long run, our hobby is about building vehicles we enjoy and using them to be creative. There are hundreds of ways to do this. Part of the fun is being able to express ourselves and build what we like. But the one thing that ALL of our vehicles has to be is SAFE. For the driver, passenger and pedestrian.

The rat rod come back is that they are trying to be period correct. That's cool, but like what has been stated earlier, times and regulations changed. You cannot do what was cool 60 years ago. End of story. A few people may live in the boonies where they can have a distant cousin or buddy who inspects cars slap a sticker on a piece of junk he threw together. Okay, but all he needs to do is take out a family of four because he hit a bump and a chuck of rusted body panel flies into their windshield. Or those "gennie" brakes fail. If enough incidents happen and (God forbid) someone like Oprah decides to stir the **** or a Nader type needs a few votes, we could be in a lot of trouble.

Just remember, guys and gals, it didn't take much for seatbelts to become a law and it wouldn't take much for someone to decide that ANYTHING registered for the road needed bumpers that could take a 35MPH hit. How would the front of a Deuce look with THAT kind of frontend? Or how about a T bucket!?

As to the original post.... find an old car, use your imagination and whatever budget you can afford. You have the power and freedom to build whatever you want. Just do it SAFE! I'm not a member of the NSRA yet, but I am using their safety inspection because it makes damn good sense!

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