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hey ,
This might be late for you but i want to let you know from a kid that learn the hard way.

I was hunting and litterly fell threw the windshield of my first car I was 13yrs old.
I asked my uncle what is was and he noticed i had a interest in the car.

the advantage is that he and my G-father owed a gas station for years so he knew how to work on cars. I didn't know squat.

But figure out what kind of cars you like. find out what those cars are.
I you like trucks then look at them and figure out what they are.

Also if you listen to allot of the old timers they will tell you a truck for a first project is better then a car. for the simple fact there is less to them.

But this is not always the truth . some of the guys here have a whole lot more work in their trucks then i had in my car and it was a 56 Chevy.

i now have a had several other cars and just recently found a great deal for a 49 ford truck.

But to learn you can find tons of information these days on line.
when i did it they didn't even know what a computer was for at home LOL

they were the size of most houses back then. here i sit with it on my lap.

but the point is find the car/ truck you want and like .
then start looking for one that you can afforded. if you look hard enough and long enough you will find one.

Also if you wan to do some thing like a custom car. then look for the car of your choice and find someones parts car that is not completely tore apart. but that is complete as you can afforded.

and start restoring it. one part at a time.

another thing to do is get in to the old junk yard in your area. not sure where you live but most small towns have one around them and if you take the time to look you might find what your looking for there.

When i started with my car i would go out and find parts from cars like the 56 Chevy . weather i had them or not. i cant tell you how many hours i put in to polishing hub caps and also restoring head light buckets. and several other small parts that i could afforded to buy. then i would take them to the showers and ask around if they knew someone looking for any of the parts i had that were done.

Also side moldings that were in good shape that you can polish were good sellers also. and in my case i did models real well and would restore emblems also.

but i have gone on long enough Good luck!! and dont give up is the best thing i can tell ya.
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