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Originally Posted by E.Furgal View Post
as seen as the question is somewhat open ended.. with way to many being anal about it..
most chevy 350's don't have forged factory piston, nor do they have forged cranks..
so to answer the question in the way I take the o/p asking it..
if you go grab a 350 out of a junkyard and bolt it in, without rebuilding it.. changine the cam.. and adding headers/etc..
most will make 350hp without blinking,, cast crank and pistons,2 bolt mains.. thats going off the millions of engines out there and the most likely one you'll come across..
even if the one you find has forged everything and 4 bolt mains, it don't mean anything.. it might give up way before a cast piston/crank one will. like anything it's the luck of the draw..
I beat the living crap out of a 100k 350 with cast crank/pistons/2bolt mains.. and had no problems,,
I've had low miles truck engines(forged crank/4 bolt mains) spin a bearing..
but figure you're pretty safe with any 350 handle'n 350hp no matter whats in it.. as long as it's healthy..
cast parts don't like shocks, so if you dump a clutch at 5500rpm you might find the crank on the ground..
cast pistons and happy gas isn't a good idea either.. as you have to be dead on.. with the tune..

having said that.. I sprayed the crap out of a pontiac 326 cast crank/rods/pistons.. for a good 2 years..
but thats was more of being lucker than good..
No sure about many being anal.Guys will tell us about their adventures with cast whatever and is that the kind of advise we want to provide?? After all that is saying one guys accepted risk is his O/P's risk as well.

But getting back to too many being anal,a number of members have tried a number of times to advise this O/P the best way they could by asking for details on what he has and in that way give him well founded answers. The O/P wasn't for coming in those details. Now I have been on forums like this for many,many,yrs. It is my experience that when O/P's don't post back with more info,the main question they are asking they know what the answer would be and just don't want to hear it.Or can't be taught anything.

We constantly forget the foundation of Hot Rodding isn't a budget or the cheapest found,but building the best.15 yrs ago when imported parts invaded Hot Rodding it took out one of the cornerstones of Hot Rodding and with much of it junk.

So here here is my blind unfounded answer not knowing what exactly what he has.Yes,Chevy produced a 350 hp 350.
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