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1970 gp 04-11-2009 10:55 AM

how much hp with this set up n 1/4 mile et
1970 gp chevy 355 forge crank/dome piston, 400th 3500 stall,shift kit, 11-1 comp,750 dp holley, performer intake, longtube hedman headers, 3inch exh/flowmaster dumps 355 12bolt posi,488-510 lift and traction bars. car weighs about 36-3700lbs any info would be helpful

opelitis5 04-11-2009 12:49 PM

What cam do you have in there?? Anyways, it is all just a guessing game if say, your trans. is not up to par or converter or rear end or shocks or how much warm leakdown you got?? Best to get her out to the track and have at it and then get back your 60' / e.t. / mph . / what was the humidity and temps. at the time of your run(s). When you left the line what was the engine temp. with a known good mechanical temp guage? Lotta stuff to give to us or we are just a guessing in the dark. eh.. Again, run the beast and remember to have a good time, which is most important.. You are gonna get more gratification if you win the race rather than going out 1st round time after time after time.. Learn your car's cadence on the tree, how hard she'll hit the tires without spinning, put a shift kit in the known good tranny and let it shift itself.. That way you concentrate on the race instead of watching a shift lite come on or gazing at the tach.. Tranny is good and shift kit is good let the thing shift itself.. Distrib. up to snuff, i.e. get it dialed in by a good guy that knows his stuff on an old Sun machine... I could go on and on and on, but, most imp. is have fun and run the beast as much as you can to get "seat time" in for yourself...

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