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Originally Posted by Lizer View Post
I went out and started the other fender with this (it's one of the few panels with 2k and not poly) and it was SO much faster needless to say. The paper cuts better, faster, longer. The problem is I can't see the scratches very well when doing it wet.
I wont sand anything without a guide coat,not even bondo..Use a guidecoat from start to finish...Now you know why I hate poly primers especially slick sand and feather fill..The ONLY thing they do well is HEAVY building and suck up water. If a panel or a whole car is so wavey it needs to be built up so much a 2k cant fill it ,HOLY crap someone needs to go back to school most oF the time an epoxy like SPI will do anything we need as far as building I usually go through about 2 gal (4sprayable) of epoxy to 1qt of 2k...using SPI of coarse...
Poly primers(spray bondo) really just make more work for you when you think about. lets say you have some waves and you want them filled so you spray the whole panel ,you have to block off everything else what a waste of time and material, mosy guys start off doing it then give up and just sand untill its straight ,leaving a massive amount of primer still on that panel because it sands so hard...You guys that are using and actually like these poly primers are still young and probably NEED to work of all that extra testosterone But us older bulls ,we like to make life EZer and walk down that hill and do'em ALL...
I just blocked out a hood I sprayed with two coats of epoxy and guide coated ,using 180 (dry) 20 min then I breezed over that (2min) with 320 dry just to knock down the roughness of the 180 reprimed 2 coats of epoxy and its ready for 400 wet,then a quick 600...This car HAS to be perfect its going SPI black and if it takes an hour to finish block ,I probably have a hang over....Using a poly primer makes absolutly no sence to me at all. I do all my filling BEFORE primer with poly putty like EZ sand...BTW, when we used that poly primer we sanded it with 80 grit I cant even imagine sanding it with anything finer..
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