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78 monte 05-28-2005 03:40 PM

How to post pics off a photo CD
I just got a roll of film developed of the Volvo w/ the new motor in,headers made,nose being primed and put on and wheels on.
I'm a puter idiot but I've got my girlfreind doing it and she can't figure it out either.
Can someone gimme help???I wanna post them in my gallery.I started editing out allot of the crap photos I had,so I could replace them w/ new ones but I'm dumb.

1Fast65Elky 05-28-2005 03:55 PM

Theres a couple ways.

1st do you want them on your hard drive? so you dont have to find the cd everytime....If not skip this paragraph.... open the cd up now click edit on the top and "select all" right click one of the pics that have now been highlighted blue and click copy, now go to my documents/my pictures (or what ever folder you want) and right click, then paste. that should copy them from cd to pc's harddrive...

To put them in your photo album here online, you go to the photo gallery link, then theres another link to the right that says upload photos, click that.
Log in if its asks, then It should bring you to a upload page, there are 3 pic uploads allowed at a time, so you click the choose button and it will pop up a box, now search for the folder where you copied your pics (or you could get upload them straight from the cd), choose the pic then do the 2nd browse button choose pic third brose button choose pic. after that click the upload button once, itll take some time to upload the pics depending on connection... then itll take you to a page that shows the pics in thumbnail view, you adfd your description etc self explanitory then hit the process button.. that should upload the pics..

yikes that looks confusing.... :D

78 monte 05-28-2005 04:03 PM

Yea we tried that but it was like 5min and the bar on the bottom of the screen went full and still nothing??
Should I wait longer??Were on AOL dialup.

NXS 05-28-2005 04:44 PM

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On your desktop right-click and select "new folder". Rename this "Hotrod pics" or what not.

Then access your cd and drag the pics you want into the folder.

When all the pics are in the folder right click and select "edit". This will bring up MSpaint. In MSpaint select "image" {top left hand corner" and then select "stretch/scew" from the drop down list. now you will need to type the percent of the current size you have... make them standard photo size.

NXS 05-28-2005 05:19 PM

Is what happens with these new cameras that have "MEGA" pixels is that the images they produce are 2' by 2' or more. this leads to a file that can be as much as 1MB. on dial-up this can take 5-10 minutes to load.

the solution is to reduce the size. the ideal size is around 5" by 8" and in the neighborhood of 20-50 Kb(access this by right clicking and selecting properties).

And consider this; if a picture is reduced in the MSpaint from 100% to 75% it is now half it's size. Hard to comprehend? Then consider this for example, a pic starts as 1000x1000(1,000,000) pixels and then it is cut in half is now half the size 500x1000(500,000) pixels and then agian by 50% is now 1/4 the original size 500x500 (250,000) pixels though it looks only 1/2 as big.

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