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454 Rattler 11-11-2012 02:11 PM

How to remove letters from new car ?
New Chevy, I need to remove the chrome letters from the trunk lid without harming the paint.

Got any ideas that worked for you ?

Thanks !


techinspector1 11-11-2012 02:28 PM

Are you talking about something that the dealer added to promote his business, like "John Jones Chevrolet"?

poncho62 11-11-2012 02:57 PM

I imagine any lettering would be glued on these days....Heat gun, plastic scraper? and lots of care (patience)

454 Rattler 11-11-2012 03:53 PM


Originally Posted by techinspector1 (Post 1609998)
Are you talking about something that the dealer added to promote his business, like "John Jones Chevrolet"?

No, it's the name. Like Chevy or Ford.

Poncho62 seems to have the right idea. I've also heard about using fishing line or dental floss.


66GMC 11-11-2012 04:12 PM

I agree with Poncho and the heat gun idea.

Keep that heat gun moving and warming the the first couple of inches, and keep gently "testing" the bond with a plastic razor blade. You don't want to overheat or to concentrate that heat.

It's more about releasing the glue (2-sided emblem tape) than it is about cutting anything.

Once you get the emblems (letters) off, you can use some aerosol adhesive remover to clean up the residue.

It would be nice to have an opinion and advice from some of the autobody pros here on HR to confirm this.

John long 11-11-2012 05:12 PM

I used a heat gun to lake off the first and last letter from my Mitsubishi years ago. when I was done it said I T S U B I S H. Heat gun worked well but selling dealer was not impressed. ;):mwink::(

cobalt327 11-12-2012 04:59 AM

Heat gun/dental floss used in a back-and-forth sawing motion. After you get about half way through you might be able to lift up on the freed end to get the rest of it w/o the floss.

MARTINSR 11-12-2012 07:56 AM

Here is a "Basics of Basics" on the subject, Basics Of Basics - Autobodystore

One thing you need to be careful with is when you get it loose and are pulling up on it, you REALLY need to watch that the other end isn't coming back down and hitting the paint. It's riding up on a little piece of foam right, so if you tilt it up pulling it off, the edge of the other end can come down and hit the paint marring it.

I didn't have much success with the floss, but maybe a different brand? One thing that worked pretty good was that plastic banding they put on cardboard boxes, that stuff sawed thru and worked pretty good.


cobalt327 11-12-2012 08:03 AM

I used piano wire when removing windshields but that would be a chancy thing to try w/paint involved.:sweat:

Good point about the edge contacting the finish. Think a bondo spreader w/a thin edge (or something like that) could be used under the edge of the emblem?

ap72 11-12-2012 10:39 AM

a lot of emblems have little pegs in the back that it in holes on the surface of the trunk. I'm not sure if your vehicle does or not but if it does then you'll be trading your emblems for little 1/8" holes- if you like that sort of thing.

AutoGear 11-12-2012 12:09 PM

speed holes?

To the OP; call your local collision shop or dealer and ask if they're just adhesive backed. I removed them from a friends Lexus and they were just glued on but you never know. I used the heat gun and monofilament thing. It takes some doing though and is hard to get without marring the surface. Remember these things see 100*+ air temps; and temps below -20 here in upstate NY and usually will outlast the panel they're glued to.

Valkyrie5.7 11-12-2012 03:41 PM

Well if it's an emblem (especially 80's/90's ford ovals on the rear trunk) it's going to have pegs. One-piece emblems (again ford up into the 90's) on the fenders will likely have them too.

Usually if they're single letters or smaller logos, they'll just come off easy with some heat and something to get between the fender and glue, anything larger is likely going to have a hole for alignment. Check out repop panels online, usually the picture will tell you whether it'll have a hole or not.

MARTINSR 11-12-2012 03:59 PM

Lots of emblems have guide pins on them for ease of assembly. Toyota Prius for instance, so just because they are held on with two sided tape does't mean there are holes too.


1941M 11-12-2012 09:12 PM

Dental floss is the safest my friend, with some light heat of course !

454 Rattler 11-14-2012 11:34 AM

Just an update:

I used some of the advice and applied a little heat from a hair dryer. The letters came right off. No problem.

I then used some adhesive remover followed by some wax and that was it.

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. I knew I could count on you.


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