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docvette 04-25-2006 05:46 PM

How To Submit A Post In Electrical Forum
Doc here, :pimp:

The Following is a Brief Summery On "How To Post An Electrical Question".

This is Information WE need to HELP you Resolve your Electrical Problems. Remember It is a Most Difficult thing to do, Diagnose a problem over the INTERNET as we are not THERE to actually see what is happening.

Try It yourself! Pick any open thread and follow it to resolve..Make your own diagnosis biased on the information provided, and your own personal experience..See if What you came up with was what the actual problem was..and was more Information added?

You will soon see, Ten different Respondents will have read the first post 10 different ways..and all have Different answers..That is based on Personal Experience and interpretation of the Information given. That's what makes a well Rounded thread..and covers all aspects of the question.

What WE Need to Know in order to best help you help yourself, is,
  • What Make Is the Vehicle?
  • What Model Is The Vehicle?
  • What is the Year of the Vehicle?
  • What Engine Displacement is the Vehicle?
  • What type of Transmission Do you you have?
  • What Is the EXACT nature of the problem? (include everything you have noted, even if you think it won't apply)
  • Include Type Ignition, HEI or Electronic aftermarket, or Points type (if applicable)
  • Include things that may apply, (remote starter systems, Charging systems 1 or 3 wire or generator, Internal or external regulator, Computer controlled for both engine and Transmission or not, EFI, TBI, Multi-port induction systems, any Aftermarket ELECTRICAL components added.)
  • Include any recent work that may have been performed Including wire changes or new harness's which may help to narrow the field down.

WHAT WE don't Need to know...
  • What size the tires are..
  • What cam you are running (usually)
  • What the C/R is (usually)
  • What Crank and rods you are running
  • Headers, Exhaust and Intake manifolds (usually)

Usually this clouds the Question/problem With "Extra" data..not usually related to an electrical problem. This makes diagnosis a bit harder online.

The Very Most Helpful contribution you can make is two fold..When you post, try not to run the whole Question into one BIG paragraph..Put breaks between Issues where you can..It makes it So much easier to read and interpret than one huge paragraph where sentences run one into the other.

The Second part is PLEASE! Use spell Check! If WE have to try to determine what you are trying to say, It is much harder to diagnose and The information may be Interpreted incorrectly..

We provide that function at the lower right of a new post, just click it and run it through spell check. I know some of you are from Non~English speaking country's , but this can aid you as well as us too.

If We all use these guidelines, We can better help you to resolve your problem in the most efficient manner possible.

Thanks for Your Cooperation!

And the Moderating team
Electrical Forum

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