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bg 10-14-2002 04:40 PM

Hydro Boost brake systems???
I am trying to set up a remote brake system on my 49 chevy truck frame that has 4 wheel disc. The problem i have is LACK of room between the frame. I have a cross member welded for support and takes up alot of the room on the sides! The truck has airbag system set up and i had to remove existing brace member.

I was considering a Hydro Boost System that runs off of the power steering pump and has no BULKY vacum booster to locate. They are very small and dont need alot of space.........

Has anybody got any info about the pro and cons of this system besides the price.

Thanks in advance!

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roys63 10-18-2002 02:01 AM

You need to read some of the older posts on this just in the last few weeks

deuce_454 10-20-2002 11:31 AM

I installed a hydro boost, booster in my 66 impala a few years back. the booster came from the junkyard and was of an 84 caprice. its a no brainer, just run the pressure hose from the pump to the booster, then from the high pressure outlet on the booster to the steering box pressure inlet. and lastly run two lowpressure hoses, one from the lowpressure outlet from the booster, the other from the outlet of the steering box, join them with a small y pipe, and run that into the return on the pump and your done.

it works like no vacum booster ive ever driven. i can lock all four wheels at 100 mph with a firm push on the pedal. (not that ive ever driven 100 mph officer...)

ant the units never wear out, so 100 bucks at the junkyard and some new hoses and your set, only thing is that you have to have the hoses made, but any good hydraulic hose company can whip them up in 5 minutes.

Don Meyer 10-20-2002 05:00 PM

I have installed a GM hydraboost under the floor of my current project because there was no room for anything has to have a accumulator to store fluid under pressure if there is a engine failure.
My hydraboost is a new one($186 -NAPA), the application was a 85 or 85 cadillac w/a diesel engine. A accumulator is no longer available from cadillac however I'm thinking one from a 1 ton Chev trk should work........if there is any more info out there I LIKE TO HEAR IT. I've searchased the web & could not find anything.....thanks Don

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