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Oh dear god.... some mod please close this thread before I post in it.... Oh crap its too late.

It takes as much or more energy to split water in to H and O as you get back when you combust it, so unless you failed chemistry (obviously) you CAN'T do it.

Putting water in your tank, asking your car to split it and then just recombine it is the equivalent of putting exhaust in your tank and converting it back to gasoline. Maybe soon we'll just be burning the smog in the air around us.

H and O in the form of water is like two magnets stuck together. If it takes 5 lbs of energy to pull them apart, you only get back 5 lbs when they recombine. That is chemical fact, evidenced by the FIRST law of thermodynamics. No amount of catalysts or free energy will make this miracle happen.

Water is NOT fuel. Water is the exhaust, therefore water cannot be fuel. If your idea were feasible, you would never need to refill the tank; just recondense your exhaust and burn it again. Congrats, you've discovered perpetual motion. You are swapping back and forth between chemical states expending great amounts of energy, yet still able to extract an infinite amount of energy from a fixed volume of water to run the engine, give off 80% of your combustion energy to the atmosphere as wasted heat, and still have enough left over to propel the car AND drive an alternator capable of splitting water. You, sir, must have been in the special chemistry class where they skipped over the law of conservation of energy.

This idea is so overplayed, so proposterous, and so ridiculous, and yet people out there claim to have found catalysts that reduce the energy required, or they want to install a windmill and solar panels on their car. Maybe they have this wonderful new product that extracts "free energy" from a crystal found buried deep beneath the himalayas.

It violates the laws of the universe. Drop it.

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