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Originally Posted by moontanker
I have info on this but must find because my file system stinks.I do recall that a non magnetic stainless steel series of plates are involved.I at one time did a lot of serios research on this and know that people that have made it work have strangely,shall I say Been termanated,so to speak,I once met a man from England who had an antigravity platform and he never told anyone about it.Yes some times advancing mankind has an unpleasant side .I wish you guys luck and advise to be careful Hydrogen is a dangerous gas.
So, how did you overcome the first law of physics? Do you realize that if you're correct, you have not only proven perpetual motion, but you've come up with a way to extract about 400% MORE energy out of the reaction over and above perpetual motion? Congratulations.

I made everyone a pretty picture. Look at it and stop being a tool.

The amount of energy stored in a fuel is represented by the blue box. After combustion, 20-30% of that energy makes its way to the crankshaft as work. Then successively each step down the line takes and wastes energy. At the point of exhaust, there is no real energy left. In the case of H and O and water, H is the fuel, water is the exhaust. Suggesting that your car can turn exhuast into fuel is laughable and ridiculous. That would require that this reaction not only shaves off the energy for all the losses described in the picture, but have a surplus that is equal to or greater than the height of the blue box. If you put water in your tank, turn it into fuel, you are adding immense amounts of energy, then simply recapturing a tiny percentage when you recombust it.

People always talk about catalysts and magical crystals that help the hydrolysis and reduce its energy needs. The bottom line is this, and unless you've found a way to violate the laws of physics, this is fact: Making H and O from water takes as much or more energy than you get back by combusting it. Period. There is no way around it. I don't care if you try prayer, fairy dust, or catalysts for which someone lost their life in a government conspiracy.

Anyone who successfully completed the most remedial physics or chemistry course can comprehend this. The thing that makes me laugh is that I'M the fluffy green one who believes in fairys and god. If anyone should believe this its me, but I know that it violates laws of physics and is impossible. Anyone who does believe this stuff deserves all the laughter they get.
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