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454impala69 04-24-2002 07:48 AM

I have a confession to make.......
Yes, I confess, I had a shop install my new gear vendors overdrive gear splitter instead of doing it myself. As a rodder this was an agonizing decision. The worst part about it was that the shop kept my car for over two weeks, 60 miles away. They assured me it would be kept inside the shop but it came back with lots of bird crap on it. On the upside, they kept telling me they were taking their time to make sure it was done right and it was. Turns out they had to make a new cross member support for the transmission and some other minor fabrication work which slowed things down. The other interesting thing about this was that when I would call in to check on progress every 2-3 days, the guys working on it would either be on vacation or "sick". What ever happened to the American work ethic? I have called in sick three times in the last 21 years and one of these guys in particular called in sick on three different occasions in a span of two weeks. And the weather was always nice the days he called in.

I am happy with the end result of the work (my new overdrive is great) but am not happy with my car being kept outside after being promised it would be stored inside. The guy I set this up with actually told me before I brought the car down to them that "I have several hot rods myself and so I understand your concerns...I'll make sure it gets treated with care....." Enough venting for now......later...Scott

norms37chevy 04-24-2002 08:20 AM

WHEW!!!! I though you were going to tells you bough a trailer. Sometimes we have to rely on the experts for help. I have no idea how to wire my coupe when the time comes so I plan to buy the harness and have someone that knows how, do it for me. However, if he tells me it will be inside the whole time its their and I see it out side I'm gonna say something not nice!

F-1Rodder 04-24-2002 05:29 PM

Is safer making a confession here than some places people choose to lay their minds at know what I mean?

gordon kitson 04-25-2002 06:45 PM

i agree if you tell me it will be inside and its not look the next day i try not to say much butttttt if we put the time and money in it please do what we ask or we might pull the job then wheres youre money ill be sure to check from now on may god bless gordon :p

jimm 05-06-2002 04:19 PM

454,hey!! forget all that ancient history! its in!! so!!! whats the word ?is it cool or what?comeon, comeon,tell us too poor to get one peons how cool it is !don't leave out any details cause we listened to your venting,now we want the good stuff!oh, yeah!more power to you ,so glad someone got to indulge in a little "upgrade" see ya ! jimm

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