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geezer69 11-10-2012 08:28 PM

i have a genuine concerne. need some input.
I been hearin and seein this medical marijuana stuff for years now. It's getting popular in many states. Ok, my concern is, how many folks are pushing the issue just to get hi? How many are sick folks who do benefit. Is it true or hype. Im hearin cures for cancer from nothin but dang pot. Is it true? It"s legal in Colorado and Washington for recreational use. It's a big issue these days. I'd really like to know how yall feel about it.If you can buy it at the dang corner store like beer its going to truckle down to the kids. I know they wind up with it anyway but it will get way easier for them.Im not educated enough at this time to really know how to feel about it. Hype or a good over looked medicine?In stores near your home? what do you think? how do feel about it?im not on the fence for the sick folks who may really get relief wether its a buzz or a pain killer. if it helps them then fine. with a dr's order. the rec. thing has kinda got me worried a just a it even an issue or is just me wonderin?

blwn31 11-10-2012 08:59 PM

In my opinion, if the doctor prescribes it for a real health problems, then I can see it. The problem is just like in any profession, there are doctors that shouldn't be practicing medicine. I can't fathom why a teenager would need medical marijuana. Here in California, medicinal marijuana dispensaries will open for a while, then the FEDS will come in and raid/shut them down. The states can make it legal but, the FEDS still consider it an illicit drug, thus illegal. It will be fun to watch what happens in Colorado and Washington. Me, can't smoke it period, I have a DOT job that gets drug tested. I personally don't care for drugs of any kind, other than ibuprofen.


WDCreech 11-10-2012 09:13 PM

My dad had cancer and his doctor suggested "weed" to ease the pain that he was going through from the treatments. Dad said that it helped, but he didn't like the way it made him feel. I think that If it eases the pain of terminal patients, it should be legalized by prescription only.

geezer69 11-10-2012 09:31 PM

thats a start thanks guys. kinda my thinkin rite now too. i know theres members here who live in those states. theres a few usin it bet. they mite not want to say. thats ok. i can see why not.i have pain all the time. i got bout 7-8 disc that are still good. and bout the same number of vertabre that didnt get fractured. im not whinin guys. . it sux. i cant take pain meds. ive tried em all. lost my grandson to pain meds. long story and not plesant. his dad a year later.maby they just freak me out cause of that when i start feelin em. i do hate em and the dr that gave a 20 year old boy 3 dangerous drugs and not one thing wrong with him.a month later another kid dead. a friend of my grandson. same drugs, same dr. this was in houston tex.i can see how a person would try the weed. i did back in the 60's late but it wasnt my thing. just ate a . couldnt see any use for it really. even stinks and best i member taste like crap too. im readin things like not smokin it for relief. just takin the parts that do seem to help and just usin that part. surely theres nothin wrong with that. im not ready to jump on the wagon for weed at the corner store. and what about the claims of curin cancer and even preventin it maby. is any of that true?

dinger 11-10-2012 11:32 PM

I have never heard of weed curing cancer. I do have friends that do the medical weed thing, it is the lesser of 3 evils, IMO. Booze, pills, or weed? Sure, there are some that claim it is for medical, but there are also the people that like a few beers or cocktails daily or occasionally. Difference? I don't see much difference. I drink about 12 beers a year, about ever other year I may kill a fifth of tequila with friends. I smoke about 3-4 joints a year, making a joint last about 5 days though. The beers, when the weather hits hot here, I kill a beer every now and then. The smoke, when I get restless. It calms me. My Dad was sickly before he died, no appetite, not a lot to live for, retired, emphysema, he liked his whiskey. Smoking a little weed kept him going for awhile, kept up his appetite and relaxed him. I know of a few cancer patients that life was easier for them when they had some weed to get them through the nausea of treatments. IMO, it's natural, it has a use, the good Lord put it on this earth. Propaganda aside, there is a desire for humans to ease their anxieties, pain, or just to catch a buzz. It feels good. Legalize the stuff, make penalties for providing it to kids just like the penalties for providing alcohol. Millions upon millions can be made taxing the stuff, put the cartels out of business or at least slow them down. Make some good farmer a nice living, spread the wealth by allowing them to grow a few hundred plants yearly. The money stays in this country, not in Mexico where it fuels funds for killing. There will still be the heroin, meth and cocaine but I believe it would make a huge impact in their funding if pot was legal in this country. I am now awaiting the bashing that will come for my opinions, I am being honest here and really don't care what others think about my opinion of this. It's not for everyone but at the same time, it's here and not going away, it should be used in a way to make this country step ahead in funding for schools, medical, seniors, wherever there is a need.

geezer69 11-10-2012 11:55 PM

thats an intresting take on things dinger. a lot of good points. it aint goin away. it does seem to be the lesser of the evils so far to me as well. im thinkin maby we created the cartels. at least helped em along.i can see good points in most any direction on this subject. dont think your honesty will bite you. it would take a jerk to do that.

OneMoreTime 11-11-2012 07:02 AM

I like Dingers point on weed..I know quite a few people who get some relief from smoking a bowl. using weed is like booze in some ways as there is a lot of difference between the guy who has a cold beer on a hot day and the guy who drinks the whole case at a setting..Any drug can be abused but I have no difficulty in saying that someone can try some weed to see if it helps with what ever ails you..

As far as this law in Wa state is concerned it is a good thing to see that someone who needs to use some weed can now do so and not worry so much about jail time..


lakeroadster 11-11-2012 07:12 AM

Here in Colorado the citizens just passed a law legalizing an ounce and growing 6 plants.

The issue is folks like I work in the oil and gas industry. Much of what we do falls under federal regulations and thus random drug testing is done. The federal government still says weed is illegal. So if you flunk a random drug test for weed you get fired, even though the state now says it is legal.

I've had to walk out of concerts out of fear of flunking a random drug test, due to 2nd hand weed smoke.

My issue is either make it legal or don't. This state vs. federal schtick puts us working folks between a rock and a hard place.

MARTINSR 11-11-2012 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by lakeroadster (Post 1609841)
I've had to walk out of concerts out of fear of flunking a random drug test, due to 2nd hand weed smoke.

WOW, never thought about that! How about my sister-in-law who has a guy smoking it next door! She is a teacher and I could see them having random tests, what is the chance she could get found with some in her system? I hope not much with her case, she hates the smell so closes up the windows. I love the smell of pot but never smoked it other than a couple of tests as a kid. But I love the smell.


poncho62 11-11-2012 10:44 AM

My neighbor needed a liver transplant, was in a lot of pain apparently. His doctor set it up for him to use medical marijuana. He was even allowed to grow his own, which he did in a fenced off area. He said he doesnt smoke it but cooks with it.......Last year, a donor came along and he got his liver transplant. I noticed last spring that he was still growing the weed......I asked him about it and how he was still allowed?...He just said "I have a good doctor"

None of my business I guess, but puzzling. The cops do know about it because an ambulance had to take him away a couple of times before the transplant and they were there too.

geezer69 11-11-2012 11:13 AM

i feel like im gettin the responses i ask for. im all fro the folks that are sick usin any dang thing that helps em. its a bad place to be folks. i cant tell how many times ive plum broke down in tears with this dang pain.but, its ok. part of life. if it does become legal here im gona try it.if i can keep it hid from my wife. hahaha, she has had to take meds for years. she hates bout any drug. but, shes had a heck of a go folks.dang near lost her a few weeks ago from lithium toxication. it was bad folks. i wont go into that but that stuff can kill you.

cobalt327 11-11-2012 11:49 AM

I sometimes worry that if pot is totally legalized, that the urban youth (and not so youthful) who sell weed to make a living will then have to resort to harder drugs, or get a real job. Real jobs seems the least likely of the two, so that leaves many more pushers of hard dope working the streets.

The cause and effect of dope is mind boggling. I just watched a show on Frontline I think it was on families in Pakistan taking loans from heroin traffickers. The deal was the traffickers paid them $20,000- which over there is a king's ransom. Then the families grew poppies to term then the traffickers came back, harvested the crop and the deal was done.

The problems started when the government eradicated these family-grown poppy fields. Then when the traffickers came back, no dope. So in return for the debt, they demand children if the money couldn't be repaid. This has been their way of settling unsecured debt going back centuries.

I say the families shouldn't take the money in the first place, but it's easy for me to say that- I don't live in the armpit of the world.

Medical pot? I suppose so. But I would have to be damned sick before I would do it. It made me feel unwell for lack of a better word. Not fun at all. And VERY hungry. I would end up weighing 300 lbs.!

There are prescription pills that contain the active ingredients of pot. I wonder why that's not used more.

geezer69 11-11-2012 12:23 PM

yes cobalt. i read that same thing. just usin the parts that help. no buzz. just the part that seems to be helpin folks. thats not smokin for a buzz. im not ready for pot at the corner store either.but if only part is used and does work then im for harm done.i dont think we need another rec. drug. and alochol,,,,, its the worst dang thing i ever seen.but its legal.just look at the damage its done.the more i think about the more im turnin away from the idea. med yes, rec, no.thats my feelin at this time. i thank you guys for your responses. cool. id hate it to turn into just another prolem for us all.

cobalt327 11-11-2012 12:34 PM

There are always unseen consequences. The ripple effect can turn things into a nightmare faster than it can be acted on. I just hope that if pot is legalized it isn't one of those things.

It reminds me of state lotteries and casinos in that some states jump right in and others hold off for as long as they can. But once the dam is broken, NONE will ever be able to go back to before it was legalized. The cash from taxation will become too relied on.

IMHO alcohol is as bad as heroin. Possibly worse. Not saying to legalize heroin, just saying. The cost of alcohol in misery and dollars to us taxpayers in incalculable. Trillions of dollars and many millions of lost or wasted lives and broken families, I bet.

wretched ratchet 11-11-2012 04:12 PM

My opinion, Mego, is that ?if? a person has an addictive nature then there's no laws or regulations that will stop their abuse of whatever it is they abuse. Now, after saying all of that, the paranoia that exists in possessing illegal grass will ?sometimes? keep a person from doing it. Legalizing it should make the price go down also but maybe not????

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