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The Vandal 02-07-2002 04:21 PM

I have oil on the wrong side of the engine............
I just changed valve covers and only have a breather on one side (pass). The other side is totally blocked off. Could this explain the oil all over the front of the engine and intake after a high RPM sprint? I used cork gaskets bare and only bolts (none of the hold down things - although I have some). Thanks guys.

The Vandal

gbovaird 02-08-2002 04:28 AM

You should have a filter (vent) on one side and a pcv valve and hose which connects to the base of the carb on the other. this should cycle air through the motor and stop any unwanted biuld up of pressure within the motor. It is possible that you have biult up some pressure and forced the oil by the gaskets. Hope this helps.

Paco 02-10-2002 06:56 PM

Make sure when you put your PCV valve in the oposite side valve cover, that you either have a valve cover with a baffle in it(which your's will not have if it doesn't already have a hole in it) or buy the type rubber grommet that has a baffle made on it for the PCV valve to go into. It may be best if you go to a parts store and buy the grommet and PCV valve to match, then cut the appropriate size hole in the vavle cover to match the grommet you have purchased. They do come in various sizes. IF you do not have a baffle in the vavle cover or in the grommet, you will suck the oil out of your engine thru the PCV vavle...not a pretty sight...and the end results are usually not good either....

The Vandal 02-11-2002 06:15 PM

Can I just run a breather on both sides?

The Vandal

dmorris1200 02-17-2002 07:14 AM

you can run breathers on both valve covers, we did that in the pre-emission era, but it is not nearly as good as a pcv system, the pcv uses engine vacuum to not only prevent crankcase blow-by pressure's but also to draw fresh air into the motor trough the breather on the other cover,it also keeps your motor much cleaner. The pcv is also a controlled vacuum leak, if you add one to your system you may need to re-jet your carb to keep your engine from running lean

wrenchtwister 02-25-2002 10:47 PM

I ran breathers on both sides of my Nova, but I had the samer oil problem. PCV is the best way to go

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