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buttnakedo 02-28-2008 07:31 PM

I need expert advise...plz
hunted down what I bought as a 62/63 corvette body man ran chkd numbrs in his book, my mechanic ran the numbers off of a website (GM). I have a dilemma...could someone knowledgable about chevy sm blks plz give me a definitive answer? My body man says its (the block) is a mechanic says it is truly a 327.......the stamped (Raised) numbers on the top left if you were facing the motor in drivers seat, are as follows....3959512. HELP! :confused:

poncho62 02-28-2008 07:42 PM

wrong forum...moving to engine

Chevrolet4x4s 02-28-2008 07:48 PM

3959512....327...62-67...2...Was also used for some "CE" replacement blocks

buttnakedo 02-28-2008 08:45 PM

thanks 4x4chevy..
Thanks man....But I just found out that even tho that number, 3959512 is attached to a 62/63 327, that number does not tell you the engine displacement and other info....the inverted numbers stamped in the front are the ones that reveal everything you need to is a series of numbers and letters that are stamped INTO (Inverted) the block, w/the last three bieng letters, that tell you displacement and where it was cast and other info.....I just saw on the GM site for smallblocks that the RAISED number could be anything from a 302 , 327, 207 to the 350 so the numbers on this block says its a 62 thru67 307 :(

redsdad 02-28-2008 09:07 PM


Originally Posted by buttnakedo
so the numbers on this block says its a 62 thru67 307 :(

An extremely rare engine!

DoubleVision 02-28-2008 09:12 PM

Indeed, as a 307 was not made until 1968. A 307 did not come in a corvette period from the factory. the 307 was in production from 1968 - 1973.

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