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broncoII88 03-18-2005 08:13 PM

I Need A Muffler!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, I need a good performance muffler for my truck. I want to get a glasspack because I won't need to upgrade to bigger exhaust pipe. The pipe I have now is 1 3/4". Most turbo mufflers I have looked at have 2" inlet/outlet, so I would need reducers + clamps. I like the sound of turbo mufflers, but a lot of them are too expensive. (Flowmasters) My dad is under the impression that I will get a headache in 20 minutes with a glasspack. I have also heard that a glasspack on a v6 will sound like a retarded import car muffler. I am going to buy a tailpipe without a resonator to gain some more flow. (The stock tailpipe rusted and fell off before I bought the truck) So basically I have three questions. One= Are glasspacks too loud? Two= Will glasspacks sound stupid on my truck? Three= Will glasspacks blow out or burn up really quick? Please Help!!!!!!!!!

raidmagic 03-18-2005 08:20 PM

Does your truck have a V-8? I think the sound of a 6 cyl. with galss packs is a bit annoying. The Discount Auto near me has turbo mufflers with 1-3/4" inlets for $29.99 you install.

tbirdscott 03-18-2005 08:29 PM

Yes, Probabally, No.

Summit turbo muffler $14.75(SUM-630125) with reducers and clamps $30-$40 total and your set,. You will get tired of the drone of a glasspack pretty quick, especially on a V6

Hippie 03-19-2005 05:04 AM

I've only heard one V6 I thought sounded decent with loud exhaust and it was a heavily modified 4.3 S-10. I don't know what all had been done to it but it definitely was NOT stock, it had 3" single exhaust and it sounded MEAN. All the others I have heard are just annoying. Keep the exhaust quiet you'll be much happier a week or so later. ;) If you need to hear it open up the air cleaner so you get some inlet noise when you squeeze the throttle. Even on V-8 cars I've always preferred the sound of a large 4 Bbl. with an open element air cleaner at WFO over loud exhaust but that's just me.

broncoII88 03-19-2005 11:40 AM

Raidmagic, my truck has a 2.9 liter v6 that is fuel injected. I wanted a glasspack due to the cheap price and simple install. (Slip on) When you say "annoying", do you mean an import car drone, or just a dumb overly loud sound? Is there a website for that discount auto store you mentioned? Does that turbo offer a loud and powerful sound? Tbirdscott, have you used that summit turbo? Sounds like a good deal. I thought about cherrybomb turbos, but I've heard that they are terrible quality.

oldschoolrods 03-19-2005 03:01 PM

I run cherry bomb super turbos on my pickup and I haven't had any trouble with them.

RCastle 03-20-2005 01:15 AM

I have heard some of the newer Dakotas with the V-6 engine and a cat back on them that have a decent sound to them.I do not know what muff they are running,but not too overbearing or annoying.

broncoII88 03-20-2005 10:20 AM

Still searching
Oldschoolrods, I have seen cherrybomb super turbos in catalogs and online. Are those loud and powerful sounding? I already have prices from Advance auto parts for 2 reducers and 4 clamps. I don't mind having to use the reducers and clamps, but I want to find a loud and powerful turbo muffler that will make my truck heard before it's seen. I'm basically strapped for cash, so I can't switch to 2" or bigger exhaust pipe.

oldschoolrods 03-20-2005 11:22 AM

Most of my friends say it sounds good, but its also got a 360 v8. I like it cause it has a nice sound at idle and it will roar when you get on it.

broncoII88 03-21-2005 04:45 PM

I see. I am aware of the fact that a v6 will sound different than a v8 no matter what muffler I use. I just need a loud and powerful sounding muffler. I may end up going with either a flowtech raptor turbo or a dynomax super turbo. My friend has the super turbos and he says that they are unbeleivable upon acceleration and have a nice and powerful rumble at cruising speed. Has anyone used the raptor turbo?

broncoII88 03-26-2005 04:18 PM

I have chosen my muffler
I thank everyone who offered advice to me with my muffler question. I have decided to go with a Thrush turbo. I can pick it up at my local advance auto parts store for $20. They're basically the same exact muffler as a Dynomax super turbo right? They're made by the same company,(Walker/Dynomax) and they have almost identical dimensions. I read reviews on these mufflers, one review which caught my attention. It said that the vehicle was a 3.0L Cherokee and he said people asked him if he swapped to a v8. He also stated that it was a loud and violent powerful sound. Now I may be listing something stated by a liar, but there were other reviews that included v6 and v4, yes v4 engines with these mufflers, that had similar facts. What does everyone think of these mufflers?

strikingthematch 03-26-2005 04:40 PM

I had thrush turbos on my truck long time ago. They sound pretty darn good. They sounded best when you really opened up the engine. That was with a 350. Once the RPMs where up it sang really nice. It always sounded good. It had dual exhaust in 2 1/4 pipe. Everyone I knew always said it sounded good. bout all I can tell you


broncoII88 03-27-2005 10:17 AM

Thanks. They sound sweet in terms of price and performance. By the way, nice car!

S10Fan 03-27-2005 12:01 PM

I have those on my V8 S-10. The sound is pretty good but I do plan on switching to Hooker Aero Chamber mufflers later. The Turbo's will get louder as you rack up a few miles. Hey, for $20.00 you can't beat the Thrush Turbo.

strikingthematch 03-27-2005 01:25 PM

Thats another thing I forgot to mention. They get louder the more miles you put on them. What I did is dump a little gas in and set it on fire. It helps heat things up and burn out some of the holes in there. It does make it louder. The more you drive it the loader it should get (to a point)


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