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Fire83Bird455 01-18-2006 11:48 PM

I need some Advice
I need some advice, I have an 83 Firebird with a 455 gto engine in it,its got ported and polished heads, a 4 angle valve job, bored 60 over, having a little problem keeping it cool, ive changed the thermostat to a 190 degree, got an afco racing radiator along with 2 electric fans and it was hitting 260 degrees, good thing i dont have aluminum heads or i would have warped them, i recently jus bought a miloden high volume water pump... what are the chances thats gonna be able to help it keep cool?

tm454 01-19-2006 11:35 AM

Keeping it cool
Check your timing..if it's advanced to much your engine will run a bit hotter than usual and be difficult to start when hot. Add water wetter to the coolant, that will help drop the temp just a bit also. Do you have the correct water to coolant percentage...50/50 mix is suggested. Run a fan shroud to direct the air flow through the radiator and not around it. Don't run one of those light-weight 4 blade fans, they don't pull enough air to cool the radiator, use a stock 5 blade and or one with a fan clutch..please get back to us and tell us if this helps solve your problem.


Classix_Lover 01-19-2006 06:51 PM

Woaaaa!!! Man it hit 260*?? Geez, I **** myself if I see mine creeping up slowly past the 230 mark :P That can't be good for your tranny either and other stuff starts breaking down and cooking but blah blah blah, enough of my nagging. 99% agree completely with tm454 about his advice. Go with a belt driven fan if space permits and definately have a shroud to direct the flow through the radiator and don't be the dummy who installs the fan backwards lol. Only thing I don't agree about/not sure about is the watter wetter stuff, I'm pretty skeptical about it working but it might so give it a try. That mother of an engine's going to be a lil tougher to keep cooler but see if you can switch to a clutch fan setup like was mentioned before or a good "production" not aftermarket, electric fan. That new water pump won't really help you at all so don't be surprised if that doesn't fix it.

Fire83Bird455 01-19-2006 08:13 PM

not enough room
i would run a clutch fan, but space is limited, is there ne other way, i know the timing is advanced but im not sure by how much, i have a friend thatll check it out, but if the timing aint it, then im not sure what to do, ne suggestions.?

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