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Originally Posted by piniongear
The cam looks pretty good. The bearings are not worn to the copper like all of the mains and rods.
The lobes look good too, although I am far from an expert. They show some signs of I cannot say this is a new cam because you see wear or tracks on the lobes.
There is one lifter that I could not get out however until I removed the cam.
This is also from my old friend cylinder #5.
The bottom of the lifter is concave. Very concave. All the rest of the lifters came out easily and are dead flat across their bottoms.
I don't know if the concave will show, but I will take a photo of it and stick to this post..... (It shows)
The bad lifter base is really fished tailed out. The spread is so great that it would not come out of the block topside. The edge is sharp like a razor. The other lifters by comparasion, have a nice smooth beveled edge to
These pictures are photos of the kiss-of-death for the lifters and cam.

Questions to be asked are:

- is this damge from eating scraps of bearing material from the crank?

- is this the failure that took out the crank bearings?

- are these two seperate and unrelated failures?

I can't answer any of that, but at this point I'd seriously be considering scrapping the old motor and replacing it completely.

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