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I pulled the first transmission(TH350). Now...

Well as the title said I pulled my first TH350. It all came out almost perfectly. The exhaust on my car totally sucks so its all getting ripped out his winter so I got started on that knowing I would need the room to get the transmission out from under the car. I lifted the car 22" right on the dime I think it was to a certain high point in my undercarriage right where my front subframe cuts off. However, I couldn't get my transmission cooling lines off first of all because I had no clearance to move the wrench. So I undid everything lowed the tranny down just enough to spin the brass fittings on the cooling lines. BUT, as I was turning them so was the steel line. Its twisted up like a drill bit on the one end now. To get it out I simply cut the lines figuring they should be replaced anyway. I may also be going to a tranny cooler so I would need to redo the lines anyway.

Here's what going back in. Rebuilt th350 with a stage 3 b&m shift kit in it and a 2200 stall torque converter. The transmission has about 1000 miles on it and the torque converter has 50! I bought it off ebay for less then $100 CDN. The guy had it in his car but it was too low of a stall for his car so he ripped it out right away.

I've bought a new filter kit for the new transmission as well as front and rear seals. I figure since I have the thing out now I'll replace the seals just to be safe. Prior to frying my old transmission there was a leak between the engine and transmission. I just didn't feel like pulling the thing yet. But I don't want to have to do this right away again to its getting done before I put it in.

Can anyone give me some advice and tips on doing all the stuff to get it back in? I have a friend coming over on friday to help me put the new seals in and possibly the filter aswel. He'll be able to take a quick look at the car while he's over here aswell. Currently I'm the only one pulling this thing and I'm just following a service manual I picked up at a swap meet last weekend for $20. BTW, best dam $20 I ever spent.

Any recommendations for tranny oil, cooling system, way to fix my chopped up lines, etc?

Here are some high resolution pics:

New tranny and old one just after it was pulled.
Side view of old tranny(where linkage connects)
Perfect estimating by myself. Transmission JUST fit!
Shot of my tunnel and flywheel
speedo gear and horeshoe shifter linkage.
chopped up pail catching tranny fluid from cooling lines and engine held up.
The side of my exhaust that I haven't chopped up yet(its all getting redone to a 3" system that dumps before my 295-50-r15's
Old torque converter(guy who installed my motor put one size to small bolts in this thing! nasty clunking when starter engaged before)
cooling lines cut off at transmission

One last question for this post. I want to go to a rachet shifter. What are the implications for this? The thought of missing a shift and messing stuff up keeps running past my mind. Right now I have a horseshoe shifter and with the old transmission I couldn't lock the thing in 1st. I had drive, reverse, neutral, park, 2nd, and 3rd. But, no first. With a stage 3 I'll need first. Anyone know where I could get a cheap rachet shifter?

Thanks in advance.
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