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Well yeah, I should have thrown in there that I know it's my car and I should pick but I like BOTH. I am stuck here basically haha.... in a HUGE mudhole. lol But yeah I was looking back in a recent Rod & Custom mag and they had this gold Mercury in there called Gold Rush. It had a traditional style to it mixed with modern. Now I was thinking about doing that but my other biggest problem is wheels, tires and motor. Now I have a 250 inline 6 here that would be sweet to fix up but all I have is the block and a friend has the head and never brought it back to me and now that I graduated from school I dont ever see him and he lives far away. So that thing would be expensive to fix up and get all the parts for. Then I was thinking.... go with a big block, 454. At very first I wanted to do the pro street look with this with a 496 because I never seen a 48 Chevy fixed up for pro street too much (about 5 of em and that's it) but then I got to pricing everything up and do put a new tubbed rear end in it, Currie rear end with the narrowed frame, all new floors, roll cage that would have to be custom made, etc etc and it came out to be over 20 grand just about. And I know when doing a project you should plan to see how much time you think it will be and how much you think it will cost and triple that....
So here is what I was thinking....
1.) First I have to find out if this 79 Z28 front end will work (so far half and half are telling me it will and the other half says it wont)
2.) If it works then I have to start on the front end because I have NOTHING to it. I have nothing to the entire car, I have a bare frame, a body, hood, doors, fenders and trunk lid and that is all.
3.) I was thinking air bags. I never was into air bags or nothing but I got some idea's about it that I will explain here in a bit and plus I have no suspension anyways. If I had a few things to the suspension then I wouldn't waste what I had and just put on springs and shocks but I don't.
4.) Find a Ford 9" rear end and put it on (not sure how I would do the setup. I guess with air bags I have to have a 4 link.
5.) Make my motor mounts, find a 454 and a plain 400 turbo tranny.
6.) Get the tranny sent off for rebuilding to take a lot of power and a big shift kit in it (non of that sissy stuff haha).
7.) Build my own engine (not sure on this yet, I bought about 4 books on big blocks that I hear will help me save heaps of money).
8.) Do all the body work, etc like 53 Buick head lights, shape my front fenders or slick back to the rear ones like tear drops almost, pie cut my hood about 2 inches, shave everything. I can't chop the top, I hear on this kind of car it is much too hard so I dont wanna take the chance of screwing it up.
9.) Paint it that dark metallic looking purple with white or cream interior.
10.) Ok and now, here is my idea with the air bags. I thought about making some skirts for this thing where I can take on and off easily, etc and have them painted when the car is and then have it slammed without them and then when I wanna have a change (haha) I will put the skirts on and drop the rear end and have a tail dragger.
11.) Tires and wheels I am not sure yet, I dont like rubberbands on my wheels though.

Alright well sorry this was a ton, I just wanted to give you guys an idea of what I was thinking about doing. I figured if I like both traditional and modern style then give it a twist and mix the two together with a more modern big block and chassis but a traditional look. I am sure a lot of the traditional style guys will hate me for this and think it is dumb but whatever, it's my car and no matter what I will always have someone else telling me I should have done this or that. Ok all done for now.

Thanks again guys and keep the info comming!
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