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78 monte 08-09-2002 01:59 AM

Idle prob
Today after work I put $30 in Cam2 in m car.Ran fine after cruising the boulavard for about 45min it began to idle rough and low rpm.Got it home arked it.Went to the store at around 3am got in pumped it once cause its cold tonight.Fired it and it was idleing at around 350rpm and sputtering reved it to clean it out didn't help ran rough all the way to 1200rpm.Got it to the store.Poped the hood raised the idle and fooled w/ air/fuel idle started to race brought it down ran ok.On the way back it won't stay running unlees your foot is in it.
Will check it today and see any ideas???Plug wires not laying on headers,carb has no choke.
I'll check for obvious stuff like vac leaks,loose dist,etc... Didn't care much at 3 I just wanted my crap from the store.

78 monte 08-09-2002 02:04 AM

Basically the jist is I've heard strait Cam2 does nasty stuff to a carb.Oh yea I might also add that it ran fine goin down the road.Also at the store I put some 93oct to dillute the race gas and that when it wouldn't run at idle.

78 monte 08-10-2002 12:10 AM

%Think I just over did it on race gas.With 93 mixed in I reset the air/fuel and all is well.Probably just to rich a fuel for the way my carb is set up.
Boy that was a longwinded nonsense ramble of a post no wonder noone replyed.Hey it was 6am what do you want from me.

[ August 10, 2002: Message edited by: 78 monte ]</p>

4 Jaw Chuck 08-10-2002 12:17 AM

Say what now? :D

78 monte 08-10-2002 10:35 PM

"Say what??"
I really don't know.I can't evan understand it.Could it have anything to do w/ me standing in back of the car smelling Cam2 fumes???
It just gets dumber every time I read it.I would deleat it but I see a "no topic" reunion happenin here.

78 monte 08-10-2002 10:38 PM

I can't evan claim to have been drunk,I'm really just that stupid.

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