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setting the timing

To set the timing you have to get the #1 cylinder on top dead center. #1 is the first cylinder in front of the engine on the driver side. Remove the spark plug from #1 cylinder. You will need a helper. Have the helper bump the engine over (while you have a finger against the spark plug hole). When you feel air pushing on your finger stop. Find the timing marker on the front of the timing chain cover. Clean the scale off so you can read it. You can mark the line on the balancer whiteout or chalk. Turn the balancer nut with a socket and breaker bar until line is on (0) on the scale. Ok now pop the cap to see which cylinder the rotor is pointing at on the cap. Trace the spark plug wire from the tower on the cap the rotor is pointing at to the spark plug end. Should be #1. Now is when you need a Timing Light with an advance dial. Summit Racing SUM-G1059 - Summit Racing® Timing Lights - Overview - Disconnect the vacuum hose from distributor and plug the end of hose. Start the engine point timing light with advance knob on 0 at the scale. Turn distributor counterclockwise to advance timing to 8*. Lock down the distributor by tighten clamp until it will not turn. This is initial timing. Now to check mechanical advance. Set the knob to 36* on back of timing light. With the engine running have the helper rev the engine to about 3000 rpm while you are watching the scale. The line will align to 0 if the mech advance is set right. This is total advance .If not write down the number that it's pointing to. Now turn dial on the timing gun until the balancer lines up to 0. If its on 34 it's ok. Now what this means is you have 8* initial and 26* mechanical advance. If less than 34* total you have advance the initial some more until your total is 34-36*. Reconnect the vacuum hose to the distributor. Finished!
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