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Dollybud, are you sure this is a 500 hp motor. If so it should have quit a lopey, racy idle and 950 rpm would be on the low side. Also I cant see how a stock fuel pump could keep up with the demands of a 500 hp motor. I'm not knocking your ride here but its important to know what you have in order to diagnose your problem. With a 500 hp motor and an auto trans, you should have at least a 3000 rpm stall convertor. If it is stock it could drag the idle down to the point of stalling. In order to get a motor like this idling the throttle blades are sometimes opened too far and expose the main circuts which winds up dumping too much fuel and could cause stalling. What you want to do to allieviate this problemm is 1- on a double pumper, open the secondaries slightly by adjusting the set screw on the base of the carb. This will allow more air into the motor at a smaller overall throttle setting. Drilling small holes into the leading edge of the primary throttle blades will also help (3/32").2- On a vacuum secondary carb, drilling 3/32" holes into the throttle blades will help. As far as the starter goes there may be damage on the ring gear and when the motor stops at that point after shutting it off, the starter drive wont engage. To verify this, when the starter makes this noise, turn the motor over by hand to change the engagement point and if it starts ok the its the ring gear (flex plate). Do you have access to a vacuum gauage? It would be helpfull to know what the vacuum is at idle. If its low, like 6-8 " the you have a 500 hp motor. If its higher then the hp will be lower.
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