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Originally Posted by chevyrestore View Post
Hey everyone, with all youre help I think its fixed, I replaced the coil and distributor with MSD parts and that fixed it so far...thanks for everyones help and hopefully this forum thread will help someone with the same issue
Actually the Root Cause of your problem could have been an impedance mismatch between the Procomp electronics in the distributor and the MSD coil. I know that Procomp advertises that this works with anybodys anything coils but that's likely to be more advertising than engineering. There is a good chance that the Procomp module would work happily with a Procomp coil. Or that putting the MSD module into the Procomp distributor would have solved the problem.

One of my big issues with the hot rod industry is the lack of genuine technical data 70% more power than brand X's coil is not really useful information. Our ignition module is impedance matched to a 50 ohm coil is useful engineering data.

Back in the good old days of modular stereo systems if you plugged 16 ohm speakers into a 8 ohm amplifer you could count on buying new speakers or amp, or both in the not to distant future. You've got a same/simular situation here between distributor module and coil another exists in the drivers for fuel injectors between high and low impedance injectors get this wrong and you will find youself buying a new computer or new injectors or both.

So whether this is a problem of Procomp being of less quality or whether it was caused by using their distributor module against an MSD coil remains an open question in my mind, a spare time experiment someday perhaps.

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