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Ignition/ coil/ points?

I need a little help and guidance on a problem i am encountering with my chevy engine. It is a small block with 3 two barrel carbs. I have had this setup for over a year, and have had same distributer, coil and resistor set up for several years. over 2500 miles.
As stated it is an early chevy distributor with points and coil. I was noticing a slight miss. i checked points and made slight adjustment and opened them up to .019. When I did this the car did not want to start at all. I played with it a little more and still no luck. I installed new points,condenser and rotor cap. Car started still running a little rough, but felt it might clear out once plugs dried out. I had previously put new plugs in before the points etc. Now car starts and after a few minutes it acts like coil is breaking up and the Car starts missing real bad. if I leave it sit it fires right up.
I have tried a few things: I replaced coil and resistor. When the key is in the "run" mode with engine NOT running the resistor reads 12.3 volts on one side and 7.2 on the coil side. when car is running I get readings of 14.3 on BOTH sides of resistor. I know these are simple wiring setups but I am lost.
I looked at distributor but dont know how to check if it is shorting out. When I do a continuity check from the screw terminal that goes to the points to the plate that points and condensor mount to I get continuity when points close. Is this normal?
Please guide me in the right direction. Thanks for any input.
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