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Originally Posted by ap72
It should idle faster with more initial timing when in neutral or park. For this circumstance I would try adding as much as 6 degrees, 2 or so at a time and when it does start to ping back it down by 2 for safe measure. It's not the most scientific approach, but usually the easiest and most understandable.
Yeah I get that more initial makes it idle faster, I just don't inow how much is TOO much. I think im going to take your suggestion and bump the timing up little by little and test it by going up hill in high gear and listening for pinging then back it off a bit.

Originally Posted by glen242
First thing to do is verify TDC using a piston stop. See if the numbers on the dampner are correct.

I also have that cam in my 383. With my modified advance curve, I set mechanical timing at 36*, all in by 2600 rpm because I know I am getting some centrifugal advance at idle with the soft springs. I never set or pay attention to initial timing, only use total mechanical timing.

BTW, I use an adjustable vacuum can that gives me 14* @ 12". This gives me 50* at cruise rpm. I have the can hooked up to the manifold vacuum port, not the ported vacuum.
Yeah I swear I checked the timing mark when I had the engine apart but I might engine-stop it to check again (even though its a pain in the ***).

Anyways maybe your point about initial timing doesn't matter is right. I'm thinking that maybe the distributor I'm using has weak springs in it also, because all timing does come in before 3000rpms (probably about 2600 like yours). Plus my initial being 22* and my total being 35* means that there's only about 13* of advance in the springs. The only reason why I'm weirded out by it is because I would think that it should run fine with initial set back to say 16* but it just doesn't.
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