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ignition timing 1987 ford ranger 2.9 v6 4x4

i had to take out my distributor to change my pick up coil. I have never done this before . I forgot to mark my number 1 plug an timing mark on my homonic balancer. So their for i have no marks to go by to set my timing back to normal. by my book it say's i have to set my piston at 10 degree's BTDC ( BEFORE TOP DEAD CENTER ) IM NOT SURE IF I HAVE THE TIMING MARK SET RIGHT. I made sure that i heard a air sound for the compression on the number 1 piston . i set the tdc mark as my timing . being off 10 degree's will it effect the way the truck is running. I put the rotor cap at my number one plug . started the truck ran sluggish , no power, hit the gas died on me. sounds like the way your truck is doing. How do i fix this. Before we go through this when i took the dis . out the guy that was helping me bent the metal piece that run's through my pick up coil . That gives the distibutor spark . Metal piece wables .
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