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The filter is near the carb on the distribution block. I took it out of the series to see if it was blocking flow, it was not the problem. I have replaced the gauge three times and they work for about 2 months and then stop working. After removing this last one, it had some kind of hollow screw inside the distribution block. I took the pieces out and cleared the block and plugged the hole with a cap and no change in performance. This morning on my way to my 8:30, The car ran on about 4-6 cylinders for approx. 6 miles. Then it started running smoother but at high idle. When I stopped and turned the key off, it dieseled and when I checked the carb out, it had 2 psi fuel pressure, the choke was stuck half closed, the throttle was stuck right above idle. There appearantly is not rebuild kit for the pump so I am debating getting a new one. Right now, the gauge is installed and showing 2psi with slow leak out over about 3 days. The fuel level remains constant in the bowls when at idle and immediately after acceleration. I don't know why the choke was stuck, there was nothing in the way. Once I got the choke unjammed, idle slowed but was rough. This problem was happening before with the Holley and I went to the Demon to get more flow and to try something different. No change after that swap. The stock distributor was replaced with a MSd with no change. The exhaust is a new 3" flowmaster setup with Hedman Long Tube headers. I don't have the specs on the cam but it shouldn't be a problem since everything was running fine for 2000 miles. Only after it began this problem did I start to replace parts. I wish Popular Hot Rodding would use my car a project for a an article. I can see the headline: "Fix it or barbeque it"
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