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Nightfire 03-25-2005 07:35 PM

"I'm gonna fix it up someday"....yeah right!
Alright, here's a few cars that I found close by my house. They're all rotting away in the snow (well they all actually have very little rust).

"Rodder" #1 says this Buick Special (a '56 I'm guessin) has a cracked block but he'll fix it up someday. Yeah right! It's been siting there for 3 years, the dude is on welfare and smelled heaviliy like weed when I talked to him. :rolleyes:

"Rodder" #2 told me this Galaxie is at temporary rest right now. It was his first car apparently and he'll bring it back to life someday. Yeah right! :rolleyes:

Rodder #3 (notice I didnt say "rodder" but rodder) has been working on this car for about 4 years now and all the body work is done. It's got no rust except surface rust on the bumpers. Floorboards have been replaced. All he did was do the body work in these 4 years. No engine or tranny in the car but comes with a 400 from a '70 GTO. He has to sell it for health reasons and was very kind to me, even though I was a teenager. Everyone else either tells me I wouldnt've have the kind of money to buy it, or I was better of getting a newer car. He's willing to let it slip for 2.2k with engine and tranny.

And I'll let you guess what year and make it is :thumbup:


poncho62 03-25-2005 08:00 PM

54 Pontiac.........................

302 Z28 03-25-2005 08:29 PM

No kidding, my daughter and son in law live in Dallas and we drive up every so often to visit them. I pass by a 69 RS/SS Camaro sitting at a trailer house. I have stopped numerous times to try and buy it, The story is always the same, we are gonna fix it up some day. Last time I went through I carried 4K in didn't work. :P


Nightfire 03-25-2005 10:09 PM


Originally Posted by poncho62
54 Pontiac.........................

Nope :nono: guess again


MI2600 03-25-2005 10:19 PM

The first car was a '55 Buick. The second looked like a '59 Ford. The last was a '53 Chevy?

Nightfire 03-25-2005 10:23 PM

First I guessed was a '56 so thanks for straightining that out. Second one I guessed was a 58-9 Galaxie (I know its a galaxie).
I know the second one, but no-one got it yet so I wont say yet. I did think at first it was a 53 Chevy because of the rear fenders and chrome trim. But there IS a difference in the chrome trim than the 53 Chevy.


bracketeer 03-25-2005 10:53 PM

We all know a few of these guys.
There is probably 50 of these guys in my neighbourhood. Cars under tarps, in garages, in carports, and barns. I have tried to buy several. There was a 68 El Camino across the street from me. The lady finally got it going. Another guy I know went to the track last summer. Got the bug. Has a Shelby Mustang GT500. I have seen him in the local speed shop every day this week buying parts. Well that's 2 out of 50 that finally seen "someday."

IROC100 03-26-2005 05:24 AM

Number 3, now thats a good one. Looks like a 53 Chevy, looks like a Pontiac, but I believe because of the side trim it is a 53-54 De Soto, don't know what model. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about how all the new cars look the same and then this thing comes along out of the fifties. Amazing how similar these car are in design.
Good one Nightrider :thumbup:

byrdman 03-26-2005 06:29 AM

I am one of those guys(so far)
My first car was a 57 chevy 2 door sedan, bought it for $600 in 1983 and spent 2 years fixing it up. I drove it every day until about 1988, when I went to college in a different city. Around 1990 or so, the motor in Dad's El Camino went south and we transplanted my 327 into it. The 57 has been sitting in my parents' driveway ever since. (this picture is now several years old)

In this time, I have lost track of how many people have tried to buy this car. And my parents know to tell all askers that "It's my son's car, he's going to fix it up one day". I'll bet everyone who has seen the car sitting there rusting and made an offer thinks the same thing, "it'll never happen, why not sell it to me and not let it go to waste?"

Well, guess what, it really IS going to happen! It's taken a long time, but there's now a new garage finishing up behind my house right now. Soon the 57 will return to live inside at it's new home, and the 2nd restoration will commence.

Maybe I'm the exception, but I thought I'd add to this thread that some of them DO get fixed up, you never know what story is behind these old cars!


Lee Hulick 03-26-2005 06:58 AM

If you think this gets you panties in a bunch, go to Some of what you'll see there is just downright criminal.


Hippie 03-26-2005 07:08 AM

Well the body looks like a '53-'54 Chevy but the trim is Pontiac and knowing that Canadian GM cars were often "cross badged" versions of US stuff that makes sense. So if it's not a '54 Pontiac then it has to be a '53 unless Canadian GM cars were a year behind the US in styling changes making it a '55. Since it doesn't cost anything to try other than a little embarassment I'm going out on a limb here and guessing '55 just because '54 was ruled out and '53 is too obvious. Doesn't look anything like a US built '55 GM though.

Oh yeah, at $2200 (Canadian I assume) somebody better jump all over that if it's half as good as it looks.

Nightfire 03-26-2005 10:04 AM

Sorry Hippie, it's a '53 Pontiac :thumbup: The car hasnt gone on sale yet, he just took it out of his garage last fall and it sat there covered in snow all winter long. As soon as some of the snow melted and I got a better look at it I asked him if it was for sale. He told it IS going for sale in summer. So it's not in the ads yet....meaning right now I have the bigger chance to get it :D Also found a '57 Ford 4-door with a brand new paintjob and engine tune up for 3.5k (no pics yet).


Hippie 03-26-2005 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by Nightfire
Sorry Hippie, it's a '53 Pontiac :thumbup: The car hasn't gone on sale yet, he just took it out of his garage last fall and it sat there covered in snow all winter long. As soon as some of the snow melted and I got a better look at it I asked him if it was for sale. He told it IS going for sale in summer. So it's not in the ads yet....meaning right now I have the bigger chance to get it :D Also found a '57 Ford 4-door with a brand new paintjob and engine tune up for 3.5k (no pics yet).


I knew it......... :rolleyes: My vote is for the Pontiac, I love that color combo with the black rims. One thing though, a Pontiac 400 would be real cool in there but it will probably get real tight around the steering because of the way the Pontiac heads are laid out. A Mustang II swap would probably be the easiest and cheapest solution. I like the "rake" on it too, it screams late 50's early 60's NHRA Jr. Stock.

Nightfire 03-26-2005 11:00 AM

Yeah the guy said the 400 would get tight and I'd have header problems. The car is 1800 (canadian so that's like 1200 US) without engine and tranny and a couple of buckets full of parts. Like I said the body is straight and in primer already with no rust. The interior is allright (guess it'll need an indian blanket :D ) and the floorboards have been replaced. My dad thinks putting in an engine is too high of a skill level for our space and resources. So we'll see what happens. Beautifull car though...


onebadmerc 03-26-2005 11:04 AM

I am one of those guys who won't sell because I am going to fix it up. I bought my 73 Mustang in 1995 and I finally started working on it last year. I had a 1973 Mach 1 Fastback that I bought in 1991 and was repeatedly asked if I would sell it. I stored it at my grandparents ranch in Nebraska and every fall somebody hunting out of state would ask him if he would sell it. He would always tell them to call me and I would say NO. I had people call me as far away as Maine wanting to buy that car. I finally brought it back home to Colorado in 2003 and started working on it and decided it needed to much work, so I sold it. I currently have a 72 Dart sitting in the country on my parents place, but I am really going to fix it for my nieces, I have 2 years until they turn 16. I also have a 70 F100 short box pickup and a 67 F250 sitting down there, but the 67 has a for sale sign in the window. I am not as bad as I use to be, I usually will sell a vehicle now if somebody offers me a good price for them. I like to find a older car and buy it and let it sit awhile and see if people approach me asking me to sell it. If they offer more than I bought it for I will usually sell it and look for something else. If it peeks no interest I will take it apart and sell it piece by piece on Ebay. I cannot count how many vehicles I have bought for little or nothing in the last 4 years and either sold them or parted them out and made a pretty descent profit. I have kept a few but it is about time to get rid of a few and find something else.

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