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Camaro76 posted February 14, 2003 10:04 PM

[quote]i have my 76 camaro, 3boly clam shell style motor mounts, i need to change them, the bolts are insie the fram area, it looks like have to remove the lower control arm to do this,

1. is this true?

2. will i need a spring compressor?

im sure there are many seasoned mechanics that would lvoe to help me out here<hr></blockquote>

KULTULZ posted February 15, 2003 04:57 AM

[quote]If is similiar to a later F-Body...they seem to be inaccessible but are really not. You have to remove/install in the opening between the control arm and engine cradle. A long (18") 3/8" extension and flex socket will make it easier. It will also be easier to change a few on the left side from the right underside of the vehicle and vice-versa. It takes patience and perseverance.<hr></blockquote>

You didn't listen. Did you take the control arm out by breaking it loose at the spindle or engine cradle?

First, try to replace the other side engine mount while you have the arm out. If you took the lower ball joint loose, simply place the spring between the upper spring pocket and lower control arm with a floor jack under the ball joint portion of the arm. Slowly and easily raise the jack until you compress the spring and can put the ball joint stud into the spindle. You may want to secure the spring to the frame rail with chain to keep it from popping out until compressed and secured. You really need a quality spring compressor as you are playing with a lot of tension here.

Get back if this doesn't make sense to you.
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