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Centerline 04-19-2004 06:12 PM

Impressions from the Grand Resort Show in Pigeon Forge
Just got back from Pigeon Forge via Huntsville to pick up the Dodge. A little advice for people wanting to attend the Grand Resort show next year. Don't go unless you can get a room staying right on the strip. If you are north of town, like we were, itís too far to walk. They have a trolley to run you down there but the traffic is horrendous and you get nowhere fast. Spent 4 hours on the trolley Saturday just to go 2 miles back to our hotel. Traffic was bumper to bumper stop and go constantly. About an hour from one side of town to the other. Pain in the *****.

On the other hand, LOTS of great muscle cars! Probably saw more '69 Camaros there then Chevy ever built. Same thing with Chevelles. About 65% of all the cars there were Chevys with about 15% Fords and 10% Mopar and the rest mixed. Lots of trucks too. Almost everything was for sale. Saw an original Yenko Super Nova for $125K and a '65 Hemi Belvedere with a price tag of $75K. Most everything else was pretty reasonable. Even a smattering of project cars for sale.

One final comment. Whoever said Pro-Street is dead, was dead wrong. About 20% of everything there was pro-street. Everything from S-10s to Camaros to Broncos.

It was a good show but like I said, stay on the strip to have a good time.


Rubberman2003 04-19-2004 07:33 PM

You shoulda let me come ;) Jk bro, glad it was fun...least at the show.

trees 04-20-2004 06:56 AM

CL, I can get to Pigon Forge in about an hour from home, but can be up to 3 hours to get to the center of town. Cars bring the crowds and seems as though there is a car show of some kind almost every week end starting in April and ending in Oct. Many people show up and park their lawn chair and cooler on the main drag and let the show come to them!!!! This week end, I went to middle Tenn to do a little bass fishing, 4 wheeling and watched the trailer queens on I40 West bound as I returned home. Sure 'nuff, lots of pro street on those trailers!!

Hope you did not over heat in the sunny South.


BigBlockBabe 04-20-2004 07:19 AM

When we went last spring, we stayed in a cabin. The Dart Swinger was NOT happy about sitting in traffic and by some great luck we got a parking spot. I actually jumped out of the car and stood in it until JT got down to the parking lot entrance.

The F100 Supernats used to be in Pigeon Forge, but they've been moved to Knoxville this year because it just got SO crowded. You can't enjoy anything if you're not moving.

coldknock 04-20-2004 10:02 AM

No kidding on the crowded part. I went once. It was kinda neat to see that many cars at once. I won't go back because it's so crowded. I usually pass on the car show/rod run things. I got railed into it by a couple of customers and went with them. They loved it and I was miserable. I like driving my car, not sitting and watching the temp. needle go up and up and up. I started shutting it off for a few minutes at a time in traffic so it wouldn't overheat. Notice I said "in traffic". That's how slow it is most of the time. Open roads or the back yard for me, I ain't much for crowds.


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