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Originally Posted by gow589
Last fall my child got a "Green Energy" box from the school. Every child got one. These were full of FREE items. 2 florescent bulbs, 2 shower heads, 2 faucet heads, 2 low energy night lights, bags to measure flow of water in your faucets to make sure your not using too much, bags to measure flow the flow of your shower to make sure your not using too much water, temperature stickers to make sure your fridge is not too cold, temp stickers to make sure your house is not too warm or cold, temp sticks to check the temp of your faucet water to make sure it is not too hot, and a lot more.

What a freaking joke! $50-75 free to every child at school....of your money and mine through a government program! Ironically, I opened the box while we were sitting at dinner. The florescent bulb was broken in the box!!! AT THE DINNER TABLE! I put the bulb/box in a ziplock. I told her to take it back to her teacher and tell him we DON'T want a replacement. He huffed and TOSSED IT IN THE TRASH!

We work our *** off for a .01% improvement in energy and it cost us hundreds of dollars! ALL of this ignores the big picture and the real problems but is a program which makes them "feel good" about what their doing; at everyone elses expense!

That is the kind of thing that hurts the effort to educate the public and does far more harm than good, my opinion of that incident-that was a case of some smart huckster making a buck by selling that junk to the school system and while educating the kids on conservation is a good idea that kind of non-sense is not, you did the right thing IMO.

As much as it may seem like the efforts by conservationists are a waste of time, at least to some people, that is not the case at all. Even the early smog control devices on our cars that we all despised back in the early days did a tremendous lot of good, some helped a lot and some actually did harm but the over-all effect was overwhelmingly positive. A look at Mexico and China and the massive auto exhaust and industrial induced smog compared to our relatively clean air is testament to the fact that it did work, not perfect by a long shot but orders of magnitude better than the pre-smog vehicles.
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