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Originally Posted by oldred
That is the kind of thing that hurts the effort to educate the public and does far more harm than good, my opinion of that incident-that was a case of some smart huckster making a buck by selling that junk to the school system and while educating the kids on conservation is a good idea that kind of non-sense is not, you did the right thing IMO.

As much as it may seem like the efforts by conservationists are a waste of time, at least to some people, that is not the case at all. Even the early smog control devices on our cars that we all despised back in the early days did a tremendous lot of good, some helped a lot and some actually did harm but the over-all effect was overwhelmingly positive. A look at Mexico and China and the massive auto exhaust and industrial induced smog compared to our relatively clean air is testament to the fact that it did work, not perfect by a long shot but orders of magnitude better than the pre-smog vehicles.
When my father was growing up he talked about how everyone burned coal. In the morning before school started they all had to wipe the coal dust of the tables. We have come a long way.

I have no problem with the pollutants of cars right now. In large cities where days of smog prevail int he summer 90% of it is dust which is often ignored.

Fuel for cars and trucks is less then 50% of our energy usage. Half of that is cars for general transportation (25% in total). The feeling some times is if we save 10% on MPG we will be saved. That's 10% of the 25% of what we use. We go electric but our energy just comes from other sources so the dream is a little misplaced.

When we need is not to strap our current energy environment because it will strap our ability to be productive and find alternatives. Look at what we have done in the last 50 years. Think about what 50 years will bring if we free up energy and regain what our country once was. If we don't stop the decline we are on we will find solutions for nothing.

I also believe we need to think outside the box. I was flying a corporate jet. My job required a 45min drive to work and home everyday. Now I started a CNC Laser business and my shop is next door. My gas bill went to a large percentage of my budget to nearly nothing.

The government wants you to be driving a Cushman but Americans want big cars. Why? Because when I pull up behind you on the big open road with my Ford F-350 no one want's to be in a Cushman. Well guess what, with my business I finally got that Cushman to drive across the field to work!

If we are serious about using small cars we need communities built for small cars. There is no way in hell I am heading out on the open road with semi's, deer, and people in large cars/trucks driving a Ecobox; I ain't doing it!

But if you have a community where the outside is accessible with regular transportation and the inside is anything under 1800lbs, then that is a game changer. People would be buying golf cars, eco boxes and they would be happy.

Also, look at house energy. With this green energy, the result in rural communities like where I live has been a push to burn wood (and a lot of other stuff). Everywhere I look out here people have gone back to burning nearly everything for heat; heat transfer systems, heated floors, everywhere a smoke stack. Some how I don't think that was the idea of clean energy.
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