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Originally Posted by oldred
The amount of energy saved by eliminating old style bulbs is staggering and that is why they are being mandated out of existence, it simply would not happen any other way. As far as the Mercury pollution problem the anti-CFL crowd likes to push, well that just goes back to the "big picture" and the fact that the extra coal that would be required to keep those wasteful bulbs burning would dump more Mercury into the environment than the small amount in the bulbs. Coal is still a big factor in energy production in this country and is likely to remain so for a long time and it is estimated that thousands of tons of coal and the pollution it causes will be eliminated by switching to CFLs.

The local power company did a demo here not long ago with a bicycle powered generator and a series of light bulbs, the purpose of which was to demonstrate just how wasteful conventional lighting is. A person would be invited to pedal this stationary bike as 60 watt bulbs powered by the generator were turned on one at a time and most people were astonished at just how much effort it took just to make these things burn and how much the effort increased with each one added to the load! When the same number of CFLs were used instead the amount of work needed to burn them was almost effortless in comparison. Fellows CFLs are not that bad and hoarding up old wasteful technology hurts not only the environment but your pocket book by a lot more than you think!

I am not sold.

First the bicycle demonstration shows how well coal and oil perform as an energy source; amazingly well. It shows how poorly most alternative energies work.....dismal!....And how far we have to go before we mandate our economy off the cliff. With no economy, no gains will be made in alternative energy and our society will be more worried about food and survival then clean energy.

Second, as I said, I did calculate energy usage by a light bulb. A 75 watt bulb is .01 per hour. How many lights do you keep on in your house? I watched our activities. We have two 15w stairway light on at night. During the day, we don't walk around with a house of lights on. Some in the evening, dinner maybe, one or two at night. If we spend $1.50 a day on light bulbs that's a stretch.

How much does your family, or the typical family spend on Cokes a day? That's no different. Lets regulate that! It takes corn, farm equipment, trucks, fuel energy just to produce. If you drank one less soda pop a day you could cover the cost savings of replacing your entire house with florescent.

Landfill? No it's not a problem now till everyone dumps them year after year after year! And you know they will! It's just freaking stupid as a government mandate! It makes you forget you live in America!

There isn't anything, any product you buy that isn't tied to energy weather it's a light bulb or a video game. The best way to save energy is to kill our economy; which is happening right now.

If you are REALLY serious about energy savings, lets add 2 mandates. Everyone has to sell their house and buy one 1/2 the distance to work. That will make a HUGE impact.

Second, when you buy that second mandated house, everyone should be required to buy 1/2 the size of house!

With these 2 mandates we would be saving in the 40% range on energy, not the .0001% range!
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