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Originally Posted by ogre
you did this and needed 4 drain valves
__ __
| | | |
| | | |
| |_| |

had you turned it 90 degrees like this
you would have needed 1 drain valve

good idea though

Actually there is far more to it than just the number of drains involved, it works MUCH more efficiently vertically and while it would cool the air in the horizontal position it would do next to nothing to remove the moisture. In the vertical position the air is flowing both up and down while the water that condenses drains down into the traps where the air flows past it without disturbing it, this is very important if the water is to remain trapped. Also by laying the pipe horizontal the water that condenses would simply be carried with the air flow and would tend to pass over the drain (drop trap) instead of draining into it. When placed vertically the air will be flowing straight down and then it has to make an abrupt turn to flow back up again, inertia will cause the heavier water to resist this turn and force it to flow down into the drop trap where it will sit undisturbed as the air flows over it until such time as it is drained. Basically in the vertical position the system uses inertia to "sling" the water out of the air in a spot where it can flow by gravity into traps, while the same inertia would be present at the elbows in the horizontal position the water obviously has no where to drain and will will continue with the air flow until it reaches the end of the pipe. After reaching the end of the pipe any water that has condensed will be traveling at about the same velocity as the air flow and if traveling along a horizontal pipe would have to make an abrupt turn to go down into a trap but then inertia would cause it to pass over the trap instead of draining into it. For sure if it were to be positioned horizontally it would need only one drain and that one would catch very little water, arranging those pipes vertically instead of horizontally will work far better and in fact in a horizontal position they would do no more than a straight pipe.
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