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Originally Posted by ChevroletSS View Post
Hey guys I was wondering if you all could explain rockers for me or others who dont know about the different kinds??? Like 1.5 or 1.7 etc... Diferent sizes. Why you should use certain ones and the benefits.
Hey guys I was wondering if you all could explain different types of camshafts for me and others to reference. Like whats best for certain applications. Different sizes cams, different lifts, LSA, Durations. Why we would use one cam over another and benefits.

Wow, these are a taller order than you yet realize, these are book learning size question rather than blog site questions. I'd recommend you start with this book.

How to Build and Modify Chevrolet Small-Block V-8 Camshafts and Valves by David Vizard

David has many other books and there are many other excellent authors writing about engines and their components.

Mr. Vizard gives you very straight up info as to what is used, when it's used, how it's used, why it's used, and what to expect from its use. His reads are content accurate though sometimes a bit deeper understanding of the subject by the reader is assumed so you get to do more digging as you gain enough knowledge to realize that what is said assumes you have this deeper understanding in some cases. This book is specific to Chevrolet, but in terms of concepts it transfers to engines in general. Anybody's and everybody's engine that you will ever look at is a physical design response to natural physical laws that govern everybody playing in this game. So while you as designer can push certain aspects of the design around to fit available space, materials and cost constraints in the end no matter who you are, you've got to make Mother Nature happy or fold up and go home.

It's not that we can't nor won't talk about this stuff, but these are subjects that get really deep, really fast and are not without their positional arguments as I'm sure you'll see in the responses you get.

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