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Originally Posted by allansmith859 View Post
Ok guys I pulled the 350 out of my 94 c1500 cause I thought the rear main seal was leaking. Anyway, I decided to keep the 350 setup for a roller setup someday and put a 305 in. Got it all hooked up yesterday and got it fired up. At idle it sounds great. When Im going down the road it sputters. I have the timing almost dead on, I got all sensors hooked up, I might have two vaccum lines crossed but it sound good. Also I broke my knock sensor when I pulled the engine out so I cant plug it in. I looked up what a knock sensor is it said it advances the timing until it detects a ping or knock and then retards the timing until the right air fuel mixture is set. It effects power and gas mileage. I dont know about gas mileage but power is an issue. Any ideas? could this be cause my knock sensor is not hooked up. Thanks guys
A 1994 would have computer managed Throttle Body Fuel Injection (TBI). These are mapped in a PROM chip specific to the engine size and vehicle configuration. There is a lso a high probability that the injector size (flow per hour) is different. Basically this is a way of saying that a system programmed for a larger 350 will overfuel the smaller 305. Not to say there are other issues but this is a big one all by itself.

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