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re: door poppers

Here is a little help along the door popper thing.

I put some cool ones in before I had the solenoids installed. I installed the door seals and checked that the doors opened easily and the seals really sealed.

Then Installing the solenoids I found that the 30# ones I thought would easily actuate the latches didn't do anything. The seals and poppers caused too much friction in the latches. I did everything I could to make things smooth but no luck at all. I finally got some 60# monsters that do work however they are noisy to say the least and just barely open the doors. I had to remove the poppers as they put too much load on the latches. The seals were more than enough and I used very soft "D" shaped seals. I have very narrow edges on the doors so only 3/8 seals really work.

After 4 years and a lot of miles I still have to push in on the door while operating the FOB to get the lateches to release. I had a problem with the first set of 60# solenoids sticking and not operating at all. It turned out that there were some oversized washers installed on the rods that caught onthe inside edge of the solenoid. Pure luck allowed me to fish a wire in and grab the interior handle twice before I figured out what was wrong.

I've been locked out of the car at least a half a dozen times. Each time it gets more frustrating. I have to leave a window open an inch or so to provide working room for a wire. I have to keep a wire in the trunk for this. Yes I do have an emergency cable to open the doors but trying to crawl under the car to get at it when it is pouring rain and pitch dark out id not fun.

In the end look you see any American cars that come from the factory with shaved door handles??? It really is a safety device. Should you be incapacitated from a crash, how does someone get the door open to help you??? Break the glass is the only option. A suicide door is even worse with a mechanical latch pin. Think about it.

I won't put shaved handles on again.
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