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chevyelc81 01-31-2003 12:48 PM

installing a roller camshaft
When you put a roller cam in a non-roller block, does it just go in like a regular flat tappet cam, or are there other things required such as cam button spacers and what not. They sell these spacers that prevent camshaft "walking" and they sell special cams for non-roller blocks. Are these needed? Whats the difference between a regular roller cam and a special cam for non-roller blocks??? Can you just throw in a regualar roller camshaft or do I need a special cam?? I know everything else needed, like special valve springs, roller lifters, and stronger pushrods, special distributer gears, head machining, cam clearing rods, and optional rev kits. Also, I have a set of brodix heads set up for a roller camshaft and I was wondering if anyone knew if they needed special length push rods or if I can use stock length. Any info will help, thanx again. 01-31-2003 03:57 PM

When you install a roller cam in a non roller block you need some way to controll the latteral position of the cam, thus you use a cam button. The roller block is machined for a thrust plate, this fits between the cam and the drive gear allowing minimal movement.
Yes you use a different cam if the block wasn't set up for roller, the front of the cam is different where the gear attaches. Use the correct cam for the correct block, use a bronze gear on steel billet cams, valve springs for roller cams generally have lots much more seat pressure than non roller, yes you have to check for interferance allow .050" clearance, several types of lifters are available, go with cam grinders recom, do not mix hydraulic with solid grinds, push rods will have to be sorted out to the combination you are running, older style rev kits tend to not fit the newer aftermkt heads well,not enuff surface area on the bottom side of the head. aftermkt heads usually have enuff spring and guide clearance and travel, but you have to check.

robertss10 12-16-2012 10:36 AM

just joined forum great advice, also in process of converting to a roller, been running gears instead of chain,with aluminum was set up for clearance. will this be the same clearances you have been talking about . thanks rob

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