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Sub_Urban_454 11-02-2003 03:52 PM

Intake gasket
how bad does an engine leak with a front intake gasket not installed properly? mine popped out after i got done installing my cam. i just noticed it. i filled it all up with some high temp silicone while i untorqued it some and then tightend it back down. will this hold up or will i be spraying oil all over my engine? I like things done right. But this is my 85 beater truck with a BBC and its pretty crude. Am I just getting worked up over nothing? it is selaed well but the gasket popped out in the middle. the silicone must have acted like a lube and it squeezed out the seem. :pain:

Jmark 11-02-2003 04:21 PM

If you use silicone on rubber or cork gaskets, its almost 100% assured that it won't work. I too, had a front intake seal pop out on each corner where I put a dab of silicone. If you got the old seal out and filled it with silicone, it may work. If the surfaces were oily, it probably didn't stick. Time will tell.

Sub_Urban_454 11-02-2003 04:23 PM

my corners stayed put but the middle popped out

jimfulco 11-04-2003 12:47 AM

They used to have little holes (1/8" or so) in the block rails & little downward projections on the seals that kept them in place. Must have cost too much though, so they quit.

Wheels427 11-04-2003 01:20 AM

Skip the rubber and just lay a bead of HTV silicone on the block after you have it clean. Clean the bottom of the intake also, using a good solvent. Let the silicone set up 10 minutes or so, then bolt down the intake. This has worked for me on an engine that was my dally driver for over 8 years. I just tore that engine down for a rebuild and that area never leaked at either end of the
manifold. I'll be putting it back together the same way.

good luck,

1BAD80 11-04-2003 06:38 AM

It would be interesting on how the intake sit's down on the heads and block without any gaskets. This may show if the heads were milled or if the manifold has a warp to it.
The next time you have it apart set the intake down and if it hits the block first, the heads were milled.
By all rights it should fit almost metal to metal without the gaskets on all surface's.
This may show that there is a different sealing problem.
I haven't gone back and read if the heads and intake are new.
After you pulled the intake off, were there any witness marks on the gasket's as to squashing in a spot where they shouldn't and do the gasket's match up to the intake and the heads. If they were ported any maybe you have to go up on number for sealing, just a thought.
If you have a wide mill file try running it across for flatness on the intake.
What Wheels427 said about ONLY using some silicone for a gasket will work. Permatex makes a black & a blue oil resistant silicone that works very good, BUT must have a good day of curing time before its started. Wipe off the squash with a good putty knife,then a wet rag. Water help's the curing faster.
Are you using the gaskets that have a pronto seal on them? They seem to work better. I would recommend going to a #20 torque and after it sets up re-torque to 25#s and try it out.

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