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Let me help you with a little towing power ///efficiency math and basic economics.

You can only tow so fast. If you exceed the posted speed limit your luck will run out sooner rather than latter and will not et where you are going any faster.

you need x horspower to climb a hill while pulling a load at the posted speed limit.
let x be EG: 150hp...
Your stock engine creates well in excess of the required 150hp to get up teh steepest hill ( it creates 250hp)
reguardless of how or how much you hot rod the engine it still requires you create 150hp to get up the hill.
and you already have well in excess of the required engine power.

you can still only climb the hill at the practical speed limit. or it will cost you more money to get there.

creating X amount of horsepower requires burning a fixed amount of fuel. reguardless of the engine design.
All you will achieve is burning more fuel to get there You will not get there better or faster.

You only need enough max horsepower to get up the steepest hill with the load at a practical speed.
any more is not better. TOWING IS NOT THE SAME AS RACING.
Going faster while towing is not better and having more horsepower is not like having more money or more food or a bigger noodle.

you will not get there any faster or better or save fuel by hot rodding the enigne in your truck. And the girls will not like you any better. But you will be poorer as a result.

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