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Originally Posted by zildjian4life218 View Post
Ugh why do you do this to me AP haha. Ever since you said that I have been thinking man it would be so easy to do. $278 for the MS-2 from diyautotune and $50 for a used TB from a 454...... I will wait till after I have the engine ran on the dyno on the carb because I want to do a comparison between the two. When you said 45 psi do you mean on the 454 tbi injectors? I didn't think you could run tbi injectors that high. Looks like that aeromotive regulator I posted a link to would be perfect for this application then. Goes from 3 - 65psi and has 3/8" feed return and outlet. Would anyone else support my purchase of that regulator?
Most high pressure fuel regulators do not work well with low pressures, they can be inconsistent. And If everything is cleaned, assembled, and sealed you can run that high of fuel pressure on the injectors and that was assuming 454 TBI injectors.

Depending on the carb you're running you may not see much power gain at peak- if any at all- compared to a TBI unit. The real advantage comes in at part throttle in terms of mileage, super smooth acceleration with no bogging, and greatly increased durability of your engine.

You may want to run MS2, but I can't really find any reason for myself to switch from MS1 to MS2. It has a hair more refinement but the difference is so small you'd likely never notice it. With MSnS on a MS1 system and switching fuel tables you essentially have 2 12X12 fuel tables that work in conjunction. MS2 has an even bigger table (God only knows why you'd need it, maybe for an engine that sees 10,000rpm, 35psi, and is street driven), slightly better acceleration enrichment (again not enough to ever notice IMO) and faster response with a wideband oxygen sensor (again nothing that I could ever see needing if you have your system tuned properly).

I got my MS1 used for $100 shipped and bought all the sensors but the oxygen sensor from a junkyard (with pigtail connectors) for $5. I bought a new oxygen sensor for $7. The harness can be bought for like $75 or made with parts for about $20- my first harness was included with my first MS system, I'm making the harness for the second installation.
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