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v8 opel 11-21-2001 05:51 PM

interior color
I am in the process of a building a custom Opel GT for street and show. I would like to put in a white interior to offset the shiftshade paint--I have had several people tell me not to put in a white dash because it would be too hard to drive because of sun glare. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!

goprochevy 11-27-2001 06:20 AM

I had a 67 rs camaro painted corvette yellow with the dashboard in yellow. I am not for sure about white but the yellow was very glaring on a sunny day---but with sunglasses on not that bad to drive.

Bryce Bender 11-27-2001 08:29 AM

I would not believe that because in the early 80's Cadillac had white dashes on Eldorado's for years.

Intrepid8 11-27-2001 10:52 AM

I drive a work van and I allways throw my papers on the dash, usually the papers are white and on a sunny day I have to take all the papers off of the dash. Try putting white papers on the dash of your vehicle that you drive and see what happens

stinmar1 11-29-2001 07:53 AM

Everyone has an opinion on this . I helped with a boom box on wheels a while back , He had a white dash for show but he started driving it and it irritated him . We looked at options to relieve the glair with no luck . We finally did a black dash . As a rule black will work with any color , I have had luck with different shades of Gray as well . If you look at all the new cars on the market you will see a prevelant lean toward black , dark gray , dark blue , red ect , even tan dashes are rare because of the glare . GM actually did a study on distracting features , the light colored dashes was on the top of the list followed by the voice of a computer , and obnoctious buzzers . GM went with a darker tint on their glass and windshields that lean back hide glare more . Im honestly not shure what color your talking about but if its bright , the white will only make it worse . There is no law saying you cant do graphics on a dash , we did black , dark blue , dripping over the dash and onto the console like some one poured paint over the dash . it looked cool . :p

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