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SAATR 04-25-2004 07:46 PM

Interior hood release installation
I was wondering how hard it would be to install an interior hood release latch and cable into a truck with just the hood latch on the outside? I'd feel a lot better not having to worry about anybody bein able to get to my engine. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!


Jzarczyn 04-25-2004 10:26 PM

you could weld a peice of metal over the exposed release cable so that nobdy wil be able to jimmy it open

SAATR 04-26-2004 06:41 PM

There is no release cable, I want to install one in the truck. All that was installed at the factory was the hood latch in the grille, it has never had a cable that goes inside the truck. What I'm asking is if I could install a hood latch with a release handle that will go inside the truck from a later model truck. Sorry I wasn't clear on what I was asking, but thanks for the help anyway! :thumbup:


Slipangle 04-26-2004 09:03 PM

You should be able to find kits like this, or if your budget is smaller than the price on kits maybe they'd at least help you get some ideas.. Not that I particularly have any experience with any particular aftermarket products or know much about this one in particular, but it seems like it should be easy enough to find something like this:

With the cable kit and latch kit, you should be able to set up what you're looking for.. I'm sure there's other options out there, possibly even something more specificly tailored for whatever it is you've got. I just found this place with a yahoo search for "hood remote release kit" There's definitely plenty of places with these kind of products for doors and trunks...

The one thing you must be sure isn't compromised - make sure you still have a safety catch. You don't want to have the hood fly open while you're driving down the road!

speede5 04-28-2004 11:03 AM

I would just go to a wrecker and get all the components out of a newer truck. it should be easy to put it all in. The only real modification would be at the factory release. You could probably just cut off the big factory release handle and drill a hole for hooking up the new cable. I can't imagine this being very difficult and it should be pretty cheap.

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