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TJ'S30 11-16-2006 04:17 PM

Interior panels?
I'm going to attempt doing the interior of my 30 coupe over. I've gone through the bulletin board and got some good ideas and info but I'm a little confused as to which is better to use for the panel material. ABS, PVC, or Masonite? I also plan on the interior being pleated and would like to know what is the best type foam to use and I seen it mentioned you can get this pre-cut for the pleats, If so where can you get it. 11-16-2006 08:06 PM

Try http://yourautotrim-store.stores.yah.../illusion.html as for panel material. I am old school=Masonite chip board type products on flat panels. The plastics can be used on curved panels. One piece headliners etc.

TJ'S30 11-16-2006 08:19 PM

interior panels
Thank You Excellent site

kristkustoms 11-16-2006 09:33 PM

Its really personal preference. I use PVC, never cared for ABS. Theres pros and cons to everything. Find what you like and use that. The PVC and ABS will defintely be alot more expensive than masonite, i dont know the price of masonite, but the plastic is probably gonna be double the price.

OneMoreTime 11-16-2006 11:42 PM

Personally I like door skin over masonite if I am to use a wood based is 1/8 ply and has a bit of bendability to it and will hold up better than masonite to vibration and getting it glues nice and does not cost all that much..most lumber yards have it..


TJ'S30 11-17-2006 05:32 AM

interior panels
Thanks for the the info. I think I'm going to try the PVC. What is the best adheisive for foam? I read in tha articles some use foam fast but I can,t seem to locate it anywhere.

hemi43 11-17-2006 06:34 AM

I use 1/8 Baltic birch plywood, then laminate thick upholstery cardboard over the plywood. This hides the clips and prevents them from showing through to the finished side. Landau foam is then glued over the cardboard. Just remember to sand the foam before you glue it, or else the mill finish on it will peel off.
I don't like door skins because they are usually made from mahogany , and tend to split on the edges. Dan

pasadenahotrod 11-17-2006 08:22 AM

Good old black waterproof panel board from your local upholstery supply house will be the best material for door panels and any other panel with possible exposure to rain. For kick panels and quarter panels and rear compartment panels luan plywood wil do just fine.
The upholstery supply house can fix you up with foam in varying densities.
Don't forget to glue in a moisture barrier on the door before you install the door panels. This plastic sheet will prevent water coming down through the windows from affecting your panels.

302 Z28 11-17-2006 09:12 AM


Originally Posted by TJ'S30
Thanks for the the info. I think I'm going to try the PVC. What is the best adheisive for foam? I read in tha articles some use foam fast but I can,t seem to locate it anywhere.

Whatever you use, do not be duped into using 3M's #77, it will not hold. 3M does have an excellent glue for foam I believe it is #90.


DanTwoLakes 11-17-2006 10:04 AM

Black waterboard, PVC foamboard (like PVC sheet stock but half the weight and cost), and ABS are all good for door panels. Waterboard is the cheapest, ABS is the most expensive. PVC foamboard expands and contracts slightly, so keep that in mind when using it. It can also be heat formed and vacuum formed, which can be a plus in some applications. The problem with the plastics is the shipping can be super high unless there's a supplier near you. For gluing foam together, I use K-grip by the gallon with a Critter sprayer, and for contact cement I use DAP Weldwood top and trim adhesive in a pressure pot. Good luck.

35WINDOW 11-17-2006 10:41 AM

I am not a Pro at Upholstery, but I was looking for ideas so I went inot Barnes and Noble this week and bought a Book by Ron Mangus "Custom Auto Interiors"- I would highly recommend you read it (it has a lot of good information)-

Trim Tech 11-17-2006 05:34 PM

Just my 2 cents but we use 98% ABS as is the most money but what I tell my customers is you get what you pay for. Keep in mind if you use Black cardboard,or any type of wood product the moisture will rot,warp and when you need to pull the panal off to service the inside the clips tend to rip right out of these types of boards. The clips hold well and you will always have a stright board to look at. Depending on your style you can buy pre-sewn pleats and panals that are cut down to fit you custom made board.

Henry Highrise 11-17-2006 07:26 PM

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TJ'S30 11-17-2006 07:27 PM

interior panels
Thanks everyone for the responses. It really helped .

APalusky 11-18-2006 05:35 AM

I did an interior in My Honda DelSol before I sold it. I used the 3M77. It works good at first, but if it gets hot out it has starts to get soft and starts to come apart. I wrote to that Gabes Custom Interiors from that show American Hot Rod. I did get a responce as to the glue they use. I was told that they use Dap contact adhesive. I was told by one of the Sons that it doesn't soften up in the heat like 3M's does..

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