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The ZHIPP Low Volume GUN does not compare to the IWATA LPH400-LV if you check the pics. It is not an IWATA and you are not going to get an IWATA for the price of the TUULSHED GUN which is less then $50. If the gun cost anymore then that then it is not worth it - because it comes from CHINA and is suppose to be CHEAP.

The Fit and finish on the LOW VOLUME TUULSHED AIR CAP is not top shelf - matter of fact it is obvious that it is a below $50 gun. That is what it is a cheap economy gun. Again look at the business end and know the fit and finish are SUPERB on the IWATA. The IWATA obviously sprays better for my opinion. Business END of the Spray Gun and only a blind person could not see the difference.

I am not sure but think and believe even STEVIE WONDER could see the difference.

The Tuulshed Low Volume looks like an IWATA in some external features but it is a PORKY HEAVYWEIGHT for feel and is actually noticably heavier - less balanced.

There is no comparing them for the EXCELLENT Trigger Control offered from the IWATA.

If I were to make a suggested change to the IWATA then it would be to go to more durable "air cap retaining threads" like found on a SATA. Just a suggestion.

Pattern done with AutoAirColors reduced with water.
Paper size is 9"x12". Not bad for an under $50 gun.
The pattern is still semi-wet in the pics and the paper is curling around but the center pattern shot is about dialed in. The paper is right at 12 inches tall.

This paint gun is not in the CLASS of the IWATA! Sorry but you are not going to get an EXACT COPY of an IWATA for less then $50.
Is it impressive for under $50 = YES. But again it is not an IWATA.
A similar review at the P2 Forum for the Tuulshed Low Volume gun:

I do like the red ZHIPP R31 Mini Gun - copy of the Iwata LPH50. The purple K3 gun from Harbor Freight was a disappointment because it was assembled with sealant that interferes with the actual operation. It is also different for the way it is assembled and the components used in it.

The fan control was inoperable because of sealant and the trigger was sticking on the Harbor Freight model because of excessive sealant. POOR ASSEMBLY - Bad Results. However it did work fairly well after cleaning and the cost was only $7.99 at the local Harbor Freight.

Review of mini guns:

I liked the R31 mini gun from Tuulshed and it worked properly out of the box. The Harbor Freight mini LPH50 copy required a complete tear down and disassembly for cleaning. A new paint gun should not have to be torn down that far - all due to sloppy assembly in CHINA.

Oh and if you want to READ the P2 Forum then you will have to register.

So Barry if Tuulshed is selling the same basic COPY TYPE paint gun for $35 then how much is your friend charging YOU for these COPIED TYPE paint guns?

Why don't you order a TUULSHED gun and compare it for yourself - share your impressions with the forum for the Tuulshed gun VS Your Friend's Gun? Compare Copy against Copy.
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