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Originally Posted by BRSleeper2
Last year I blew the motor in my RV. We decided to go with a Jasper motor because they told me for the almost $5000 dollars i paid for the motor it had a parts & Labor warranty for 18 months or so many miles. I have less than 1000 miles on the new motor. I was driving it home from Florida when the motor starts making a wicked slapping noise and shaking all over the place. Long story short ended up at a mechanic, Mechanic Says the head gaskets went due to stretched head bolts. Jaspers says they will only cover parts.

In my experience the only way to stretch head bolts is to improperly torque them when the motor assembled.... Correct? So would this not be Jaspers Fault as they assembled the motor? Now a $9400 dollar motor is turning into a $9400 motor + $2500 in repairs + the cost of the lawyer to sue Jasper.

What else would cause the head bolts to stretch??? Any advise would be appreciated as I need to be as knowledgeable as possible if I end up in small claims court suing for just the repairs... Thanks in advance.
I don't know what warranty language you were given at purchase, but their current warranty is posted on-line:

Note the exception for motorhomes:

"Maximum of 25 hours" lifetime.

That seems pretty short, since that's only 1400 miles if you drive a constant 55 MPH. At 50 MPH it's only 1250 miles. It DOES say that they cover parts and labor, however.

As for the stretched head bolts, I'd get a second opinion. The Ford 460 doesn't used torque-to-yield head bolts. You are correct in that if they really are stretched (and it isn't clear how you can prove that), it's a problem with the engine you got (assuming you bought a long block). How did the mechanic determine that the bolts were stretched as opposed to any one of a dozen other reasons for a blown head gasket?

In any case, it sounds like there is a big disconnect between what you may have been told about the warranty and what they say in writing as far as motorhome use is concerned.
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