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02-26-2017 04:48 PM Accessories can drive you mad
By far, the hardest part of this build was the accessories. Water pump, alternator and especially power steering gave me first and delayed the finish by at least a month or two. I had to relocate the alternator to the driver's side and run a short water pump. I could not find a power steering bracket that worked so put two different ones together and cut and welded a tab that bolts to stud welded to the motor mount upper shell. This works great, everything is aligned and there is no flex. What a pain but at least I hope I can help the next guy! The easiest thing to do would have been to eliminate the Saginaw power steering pump and go to the GM type 2 which is much more compact. But somehow I made this work. The billet water pump pulley hit the pump so I had to grind the heck out of the pump. I did not want to space the pulley outwards and cause a belt alignment issue. I used an adjustable water neck for upper radiator hose clearance.

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02-26-2017 04:36 PM Build it right, it will survive
Since the blower is turned by the crank snout, the crankshaft is subjected to a lot of stress. Many times, the keyway will strip and the balancer will slip and ruin the crank snout. YOU HAVE TO TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION. Since my shortblock was already built for nitrous, I had a forged bottom end. What I didn't have was a double keywayed crank. I gave this some thought and there are two ways to look at it. You can double keyway it and weaken the crank. Instead of the balancer possibly slipping, it just may snap the end off! The other way is a full-length hardened keyway and a billet balancer. I chose the latter. This balancer was such a tight fit I had to heat it in the oven before it would install. THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT. I have been beating on this car now for 6 years and the crank is still in it. Must be doing something right!

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02-26-2017 04:29 PM And so it begins...
Well I needed a couple carbs for this new blower. Also how to find linkage and those pretty stainless fuel lines like the boat guys run. I was on Ebay every single night after work and actually found EVERYTHING I needed right there! I got a screaming deal on two 650 Mighty Demon carbs with stainless fuel lines. Then I bought new linkage to mount them sideways from Enderle Fuel Injection. Of course I replaced the blower base gaskets, intake gaskets and carb gaskets. I did not want the fuel to boil during these brutal Florida summers so phenolic 1" spacers are used. If you use these, sand them on a piece of glass first! I did not and had a vacuum leak at first. Make sure you run very good throttle return springs. You don't want the throttle hanging open! I run two on each carb and the pedal is not stiff. I also run a very strong stainless cable to the throttle pedal. The first one broke and pulled the end off. I had to turn the idle up to 2500rpm to make it home. Not a fun 10 mile trip!

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02-26-2017 04:17 PM I got a 6-71!
I picked this blower up from a guy who bought it new and put it on his small block Chevy T-bucket... with 10.5 compression ratio! He was a mechanic and the guys at work begged him to do a burnout so his first day of driving the car - BANG - went the head gaskets. He changed them and jumped on it again in front of his house. He told me the car did 2 360s and pushed the head gaskets out again. So with 150 miles on it he pulled it off and bagged it up. I found it on Craigslist and paid him asking price because it was so low. Always wanted one of these since I was a kid and at 45 years old I finally got one!

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07-31-2011 02:55 PM Before the 6-71 cometh
Well this is what I started with. It actually ran really strong. It is a 1973 Camaro with power everything and a multi-amp stereo with CD changer. So it's not light. But it still did 113mph in the 1/4 on radials through the mufflers. That was with the little B&M 144 supercharger. The 60 foot was a 1.61 . I sold the blower on Ebay and bought what you will see next...

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